Toe separators

So my toe next to my little toe has started to squish up underneath the middle one. It has only done it tonight after dancing but iv run lots of miles this weekend and my feet have been a bit sore. I saw toe separators advertised in runners world before but can't find them now! Anyone tried them? Thanks!


  • I have Correct Toes from Emperors New Shoes and out of the toe separators I have tried they are the best. They are slim enough to fit into wide shoes but only into wide ones. However they are comfortable to wear around the house and I have no problems walking in them. Not sure what kind of runners your have and if you are planning to run wearing the toe separators but these are the ones I would personally recommend. By the way - I have nothing to gain by recommending these, just really crappy feet so a lot of experience in the area. image

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