Danbury Woods 10k

Hi guys. How many people have heard about the Essex summer 10k series? Has anyone entered yet?

Our club http://www.littlebaddowridgerunners.org.uk is local to the Danbury race so we are looking to go along.

This is the first year the races have been run so hoping turn out is good!


  • I'll probably do one or two of them - the Danbury one and maybe Thorndon Park.

    I haven't entered yet, still planning my races for the year.


  • Good stuff. Do you run for a club? Anyone else mentioned it? Just hoping there is a good turn out.

    I know what you mean about planning. Have been doing the same thing myself.

  • I'm secretary of a club, and I have circulated info about the series.

    There might be one or two others from the club, but again, too early to say.

    I'm planning a race a month for the year, and I'm up to June so far.

    One thing I really like about this series is that the races are on Saturdays.

  • Yeah me too. Our weekly club runs at Little Baddow are on Sundays so it won't be a choice between the two.

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