Saucony and Mizuno sizing

Does anyone know if the Saucony sizing is the same as a Mizuno?




  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    I have two models of Saucony shoe, and one is half size bigger than the other, so its not even consistent within their own brand.

    Have a look on and use the shoefitr application (the "show me how it fits" button).  This is really useful - pick the saucony shoe you are interested in, and it'll ask you what mizuo shoe you are currently wearing (and also the US size you wear), and then it graphically shows where the Saucony would be tighter or looser.

    Its US-only, so you can't buy from there - but there's no restriction on using the appl

  • I agree with the above post, I have tried on more than one pair of sacuonys and discovered I needed different sizes. That said, I have a pair of mizunos and a pair of sauconys andthey are both 9.5 So I would say yes, there or there abouts, they are the same sizing

  • I've had a few different pairs of each brand and have had the same size in them both!
  • Have saucony fast witch in a size 8 and also Mizuno Ascends in tha same size if that counts for anything. Used to have wave harriers - size 8 too.

  • I've only got two pairs of running shoes - as luck would have it Mizuno Wave Creation 13 and Saucony Grid Tuned TR, both size 8.5. I would say the Sauconys were slightly shorter but not by much at all.

  • I wear the Mizuno Inspires and had to go up 1/2 a size to the Saucony Guides when I tried them.

    Only other 1/2 size up brand I find is usually Adidas.

    Mizuno, Asics, Nike, New Balance all pretty like for like. Not tried Brooks or other brands so unsure on others.
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