Stiff neck won't go away

Newbie of 2 weeks.
After a long, slow run 4 days ago, I developed a stiff neck/ pain between the shoulder blades (like a sore vertebrae or something). I sometimes get the same thing when I have been stood on my feet too long or walked too far. It normally clears up after a nights sleep, not this time!

I've had a couple of easy runs since. The runs loosen up the stiff neck quickly enough, but it returns the next morning.

Could this be due to my shoes? Maybe I need more cushioning.
At the moment I use bottom-of-the-range ASIC Gel (no specific Gel model), cost me £40 from JJB sports.

I've been thinking about some NB 751 trainers.



  • Don't know, and there are heaps and heaps of reasons for stiff necks, but if it's muscle tension there, I've known both running and walking cause it.

    Lots of recipes for stiff neck stretches abound, and I'm sure you can invent gentle stretches which might help. Two more out of the way ideas:

    Actually try tightening up the muscles either side of your spine. Stand (or even sit) tall, head well balanced on top of neck so you are not using much muscle to keep your head in place. Then just think of contracting the muscles either side your spine, as if you were bracing to resist a blow to your head. Then relax. Muscles in spasm can sometimes be released by using them in this way.

    Another treat for headache/stiff neck combination is taking a long scarf, suspending it above the head of the bed in such a way as it makes a cradle for your head at just about low pillow level. Lie on your back head in said cradle and rock gently side to side.
  • Thanks for your reply.
    I think the problem is caused by foot fall vibrations running up my spine. This is particularily evident when I run down the steep hills near my home.

    I may look for some cushioned trainers.

  • Go and see a good chiropractor mines also a runner so knows our problems he/she might be able to advise on shoes or go for gait analysis at a specialist running shop or podiatrist
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