PSOF Headsweats



  • Mousey - no idea where the biceps came from - I swear its an optical illusion !
  • There isnt actually a Pirate yellow pantone, because different pantone colours look different when printed onto different fabric, so even though the original idea of maintaining the same pantone number, in order to keep the yellow the same was a good one, in practice it doesnt work when ordering outside of LG. When i have ordered stuff, I talked to someone and requested "Tour de France yellow" as this is the bright yellow, not greeny or orangey yellow, that we now associate with Pirates.
    I really dont think anyone will notice the subtle difference in shade, there will be a head's distance between the items of kit anyway, everyone will be distracted by Cougie's muscles and that's before the aforementioned fading etc of colour.
    As i seem to keep saying, I'm not going to Lanza, but I think those who are will welcome the use of them, so I say go ahead.

  • Prince Siegfried wrote (see)

    I hadn't realised Cat5 was 'Bieber'!  Great name for him I think!!  imageimage

    Because he turns up late and makes small children cry?

  • The cap looks great so I'm happy to go with the the cheapest. Put me down for 1 cap please
  • Look good

    I'd like to add 1 Visor to my 2 caps

  • I'm happy with the headsweats yellow image

  • i was thinking of adding to my order to include a second visor..... for me image


  • PSC - thanks for the photos. I think they show clearly the two colours

    Flyaway talks sense. The colours will not be side to side and so there can be some slight variation. Also, the man on the street will not be comparing the colours and as such I think some people are over thinking this.

    I reckon the majority verdict is Headsweat yellow and i shall proceed on that basis.

    Please also see Cougie comment re leisure or sportswear.

    If you no longer wish to be on the order, please let me know as soon as poss as I would like the order placed in time for Lanza
  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    Flyers (and someone else) did make a good point, if I lay all my kit down side by side, there's variation between LG and Confides and even from LG to LG depending on item and fabric type (and if it's been washed much!)

    Is it me or is the response box to type in now TINY?  I can heardly read what I've put.

  • not just you Mouse - we're all seeing it.  but it posts OK

  • Yellow is yellow, but then again I don't want to cause panic or knee jerk reactions from people or waste someones time so will just go with what every is decided image


    PS theres nowhere near enough mincing in that picture for it to be Cougie


  • It was carefully selected out of the 100s of race pics of me..........
  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    Oh, are we back to talking about to Cougie's photo again?  How luffley.

    Maybe I will just go back and take another peek.

  • i need to go back again and have a little peek  just so i can get the right colour yellow in my headimage

  • Okay I'm sorry to question quality, didn't have time study website and just recall a couple of comments about looking thick/knitted.  I'll go with the flow.


  • I've used the headsweats yellow visor same as Cougies since I did the original order many years ago, I think it was 2006/2007 ish and its only now just starting to show wear and tear as the elastic band loosens.

    Extremely hard wearing, very sport specific and the yellow is bob on.

    They are also as someone mentioned, the official head gear sponsor at most of the US races.
  • Surely when the things covered in sweat it will change colour anyway?

  • Pirates don't sweat - we merely 'glow'.
  • S'pose it depends if you mince or run? image

  • I cannot post a pdf here so I have had to put the designs on Dropbox.

    Anyone who is on the list, you should have an email

    For anyone who is lurking and/or dithering, payment needs to be with me by 2nd April, so please let me know and be able to pay by then if you want to be included on this order.


  • Money should be with you now. (If "Faster Payments" works properly).

    Thanks for sorting it all.

  • Don't seem to have email image

  • Thanks Schmunks !
  • Iron Pingu wrote (see)

    Don't seem to have email image

    Thats coz you upset Schmunks with your terrible list skills in the Lanza thread image

  • Just paid via the online transfer thingy

    Are they here yet?image.........runs........

  • Cheers Schmunks, payment should be with you. image
  • So, how many people are ogling Cougie then? Go on, fess up.image

  • Cheers Schmunks, payment made

  • Paid, many thanks Schmunks for sorting all this out.

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