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  • Getting sloppy Schmunks, getting sloppy     image

  • Sorry, Miss image. Do I have to stay behind after school now?
  • If I thought it would do any good ....... I think you have been punished enough    image

  • Schmunks, still need your IBAN number and BIC/SWIFT number to be able to transfer the dosh to you.

  • Wolfie - you have mail

  • Any chance of a link to the S/S on drop box please image

  • It was mailed out on Monday
  • Yes I got it thanks Schmunks, just on work email and cannot access though it. I'd just like to know what my pence identifier is please.

  • thank you

  • Hi Schmunks - late entry to the forum...

    could i have a cap and visor please.

    let me know how much i owe you and pm bank details - ta

  • You have mail image

  • Any chance of a hat please? Payment will be instant. I promise.


  • Paid in full today. Thanks just let us know when you want the address to send it.
  • Bedders - you have mail

  • Money transferred. Thanks Schmunks imageimageimage

  • Any chance of a cap? PM me if yes with details please and ill wire the cash ASAP. Cheers
  • Money all transferred, thanks Schmunks xx

  • Thanks. Signed up for a cap and money transferred last night.

    Many thanks   

  • Paid. image

  • Ozzy287 wrote (see)
    Any chance of a cap? PM me if yes with details please and ill wire the cash ASAP. Cheers

    PM function does not seem to be working so please email psofkit (at) hot mail (dot) co (dot) uk with

    Your forum name
    Your real name
    Contact email address

    If you are based overseas, please could you let me know as I will have to calculate airmail postage into the amount owed for kit.  Thanks.


  • Schmunks

    Sent details, cheers
  • paid and thank you!


  • I have done an audit today image and I still have 25 people who have not paid equating to 35% of the number of people on the order, 38% of the total number of items ordered, and 46.5% of the total value of the order image

    My stalking abilities have seen some of you on FB and on other threads, so it would be great if you could check your email in boxes and arrange payment before you forget again image

  • I would also like to point out that, although I cannot stop anyone withdrawing from the order, it does have a knock on effect.

    The Bankroller's liability has already increased due to people pulling out and if the Bankroller is not prepared to fund the extra then prices will have to increase to cover the shortfall.  This means extra time and effort as I would have to collect underpayments or further people may withdraw as they don't want to pay any more.  This in turn could jeopardise the whole order in which case I would have to make refunds.

    I know this is closing the stable door after the horse has bolted but I think it's wise to make you aware of the impact of withdrawing from the order at this late stage and to bear this in mind when putting your name down on future orders

    *rant over* image


  • I'll transfer the money when I get home tonight!! Sorry for the delay M'am!!  Memory like a sieve!! image

  • Purely for Excel playing reasons, I have messed around with the figures so see the impact on prices if the Bankroller was to withdraw completely.  The impact would be ...

    Race Cap - £16.00
    Visor - £16.00

    So the Bankroller's goodwill gesture is meaning a £3.50 saving for each of you and that we can have heat transfer logo rather than summat else technical

    So please let's not jeopardise this order any further for the sake of everyone else on the order (and my sanity image)




  • Wot Mucky said, buckle up and cough up chaps please. My wife has programmed a Rapier missile to take me out if another debit goes through.

  • I will come clean as one of the cancellers for reasons which now i have read all the E Mail thread Smunkee sent me are probably groundless, i do not want to mess things up or give Smunks grey hairs so will stick to my commitment and transfer cash tonight, soz for being a dick image
  • Mine's already done Schmunks.

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