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  • I think ii may change may nae to start with the letter A ... that way i will be high up lists

  • Huh! Do people still queue up to cash cheques? How quaint. I have my pension paid directly into a bank account.

  • I guess there will always be technophobes who prefer to keep their money under their mattress. My Dad doesn't trust the web, and he won't even do Direct Debits. It's a generation thing, I reckon

    He has never had to move with the times ie computers because he has a manual job and my Mum used to type his invoices, but since her death he handwrites them. I have offered to do them on Word/Excel but he's not having any of it
  • OK, another lunch hour lost in the delights of the Post Office systems.  These have been posted 2nd class

    Blue Peter
    BrokeBut Tri'ing
    Cpt Kidney
    fat buddha
    Ferrous Ferrett
    Flat Footed
    Mr Monic
    The Silent Assassin
    Tired Badger
    Wild Will
    Jamie Tardi
    scuba trooper

    These has been posted airmail
    Bionic IronWolf

    As always please pop back here or ping me an email to let me know the kit has arrived


  • Thanks Schmunkee image

    Really appreciate all the hard work and sacrificed lunch hours you put into all the kit ordering.

  • Yeah, what he^^ said , ta Schmunks image
  • Thanks Spunky.

    As BB said, without we would all race naked....and that is a horrible thought.

  • Flat Foo..ted wrote (see)

    Thanks Spunky.

    As BB said, without we would all race naked....and that is a horrible thought.

    now I can think of one or two pirates who i wouldn't mind see racing in the buff.........but not many image

  • Thanks loads, Schmunkee.

    Me racing nude? That would be even worse than wearing yellow lycra! And very uncomfortable having my 38c's flopping about!

  • Thanks schmunks, il let you know when it arrives! Did I mention your awesome image
  • Got my caps today. Brilliant quality.  Will wear with pride.  Thanks shmunks

  • Hats have arrived and are brill thanks Smunks


    Ridgebackmax wrote (see)

    Hats have arrived and are brill thanks Smunks

    But the burning questions the fabric what you were expecting or is it lighter?

  • Cap arrived today and I have been out for a run in it.  Very impressed. It let my head breathe, and it kept the glaring sun out of my eyes, and it kept the hailstones off my face.

    Thanks Schmunks

  • hats arrived and are absolutely perfect , thanks again


  • Mine have arrived and they're superb. Cheers Schmunks


  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    Arrived on my birthday, couldn't get better than that. Thanks.

  • Schmunks - you are my hero... big hug from me.  Thanks.

  • H0NKH0NK ✭✭✭

    my hat arrived today, thanks very much Schmunkee. 

    The Evil Pixie wrote (see)


    My mojo has arrived in the post thank you SO much!

    didnt know you were doing mojo's are there any left and can i order one?

  • I got a message for my receptionist at work to say a package has arrived from Schmunks which, using my clever skills of perception I am taking to be my hats ... cheers Shmunks, epic job well done!


  • Mine arrived today safe and well. Many thanks.


    Its going to get airings at the Birmingham and Black Country Half Marathon, then at the Amsterdam Marathon, so if any of you are going to be there keep 'em peeled for me. image

  • /members/images/497331/Gallery/cycle_skulls_and_bones_21_4_13.jpg

    Bike helmet covers next Schmunks? image

    *hides behind sofa*

  • Back in yer box, Ratched. image

  • TJ1004TJ1004 ✭✭✭

    thanks Schmunks hat arrived today.

  • helmet cover! YES, I know there's something wrong with meimage ,  plus my performance hat arrived today , thanks Schmunks image.

  • I have a pirate hat and I may, or may not, be wearing it inside, at night. Thank you Schmunks! 

  • obsession harms nobody

  • Hat arrived yesterday Schmunks!  Thank you.  Just awaiting delivery of my mojo now!!  image


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