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  • EP - if you had gone to the last list (on page 7) you would have seen your name there

    As I have said before, and Barlos has backed me up, I keep everyone up-to-date with what's happening so I don't have to hand hold anyone throughout the process.

    Also, if you believe you have or have not put your name down on the kit order, it is your responsibility to pop into the thread every now and then.

    That's not aimed at EP. It's aimed at everyone who puts their name down for kit and accessories
  • SA - No worries, I took your comment in good spirits, but I think the thing about the forum nowadays is that no-one takes the time to read back a couple of pages to find out what's going on. It's quite common for people to post on a thread and not come back to the forum for a number of weeks

    Also, people should know the way I operate the kit order and realise I give people ample opportunity to be included

    Also, perhaps PSOF is so large that people haven't always met each other and so personalities, and even forum history, isn't understood

    Rest assured SA, you're still on the kit list image
  • Guilty of dithering image

    Am I too late to request a visor please image

  • Right- I think I've read all the necessary pages, can I be put down for a cap please.


  • Hi Schmunks ..i too am guilty of dithering ...  is it too late to put my name on the list please ?  , one of each .. keep my head cool in lanza and warm in wales image

  • Trogs, Ferret, and Slag - you are on the order.

    All - I mailed Headsweats yesterday for a proper quote.  I will let you know the prices as soon as they have got back to me

  • /members/images/200439/Gallery/Headsweat_Part_1_4.PNG







  • Thanks Schmunkee but visor please, not cap image

  • Ooops!  Have changed for you Trogs

  • Schmunks, a cap for me too please, as per my last page shout outimage
  • PSC - you're on the list image

  • Schmunks - can you add another visor to mine - I'm bound to loose one!! Ta muchly!

  • Raf - done

    A quick link to the spreadsheet on Dropbox

    I have had a quote from Headsweats but I need time to convert to £ and add P&P, duty, and VAT from their end plus P&P onto you.

    The designs haven't been talked about yet image


  • Schmunkee - The List Fairy wrote (see)

    I now have Beiber heckling meimage

    I've only just seen this. Sorry I'm late! image

    Schmunkee - The List Fairy wrote (see)
    It's quite common for people to post on a thread and not come back to the forum for a number of weeks


  • I have had a quote from Headsweats and the price will be £12.50 each for the cap and the visor. If you wish to withdraw from the order, please can you let me know as this will obviously affect prices.  Thanks

    They are currently drawing up some designs which I shall post here when I have them.

  • Cheers Schmunks... And a good price too. image. I'm in!
  • Oops, just realised I have not added you to the email group

    I have PM'd you

    EDIT - that was to PSC, not Beiber

  • Unfortunately we have hit our first snag with the Headsweats order.  I have c&p'd the reply I have from Headsweats regarding the colour of the fabric.

    We are not able to change the hat colors when going through our domestic warehouse. Only for FACTORY CUSTOM orders. Then the minimum is 100 units and lead time is 3-4 months. Attached is an image of our yellow race hat/supervisor, for your reference. The pms color is 123C

    The photos are too big for the forum so here are the links to the images on Dropbox.

    Race Cap


    So now we have two options

    1) Go with the Headsweat colour for both and have them in time for Lanza (2-3 week delivery)

    2) Go with PSOF colour, however this can be for race cap only (thanks to the kind bankroller for agreeing to get it to 100) and will take 3-4 months.  In addition, the visor will still be Headsweat yellow as less than 50 are wanted.

    Please could you let me know your thoughts.  Thanks

  • Go with Headsweat colour would be my choice image

  • My vote would be headsweat colour please as I only want one if I'll have it in time for this summers races. Not sure I'll be up for a second long distance race yet.  

  • It's a close enough colour match, IMO. Plus, its going to get dirty/ fade in the sun/ have hair dye leaked onto it/ bleach with chlorine...

    I would say go with the Headsweat colour and get them pre-Lanza.

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭


  • flyaway wrote (see)

    It's a close enough colour match, IMO. Plus, its going to get dirty/ fade in the sun/ have hair dye leaked onto it/ bleach with chlorine...

    How do you know that that is exactly what I'll be doing with mine? image

    Headsweats colour is fine for me image

  • I agree with the above, the headsweats colours look good

  • Happy with colour in pics.  Need to get a visor for Lanza so would prefer it to be a piratey one.

  • Headsweast colours!. *wonders if they'll be in time for trip April's trip to Holland* image

  • dear Muckee and HighStroller - very kind offer as ever, but my vote is the for the headsweat colour.... i'm prepared to be shot shortly, but meh ... yellow is yellow go for quicker less economically draining on the high stroller option 

    kind regards


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