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I went for my long run over a week ago, and ran with my camera for the first time as it was so pretty after the snow image. The photo is now in this months Welcome to Yorkshire timeline competition for a spot on their cover photo. There's no medals but humour me image, please like my photo, the more likes the better the chances. Do feel free to share the photo. Thanks!!/photo.php?fbid=10151415442433469&set=a.10151407609758469.512437.70369368468&type=1&theater


  • liked, however with only 45 likes vs's gonna need some votes to win lol.

  • I know Marc.S, crazy, isn't it? Thank you for your 'like' though! image I'm afraid I don't know very big groups of people, and can't even beat their 162 shares! I did enjoy that run very much though. It was a saturday, and parkrun was cancelled due to the conditions, so I decided to do my long run on saturday instead of sunday, also as I knew the snow was going to turn to slush the following day. It was one of my slowest run as I kept stopping to take photos!

  • I've given you a like.  Looks like a mini stone henge image

  • Thanks Cinders! it does look like a mini stone henge, not as old though. Not quite 700+ likes yet, but I've now beaten 10 other photos image

  • How about that, I'm now ahead of 14 other photos, thanks to all who 'liked' my photo image.

    Many more 'likes' please, big thanks image!

  • I've given it a like. Whereabouts on the L-L canal is that? I tend to do my longer runs on the canal towpath in the Saltaire area, although heading off in the Keighley direction can be a bit of a killer with climbing Three Rise and Five Rise Locks in quick succession!

  • Thanks guys! I've doubled my votes with your help image. Do keep them coming!

    Andrew Mitchell 14, It's the stone circle near Thwaites Mill towards the Royal Armouries in Leeds City Centre, a very flat route

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