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I'm just about to return to running after about 9 months off, firstly with a fractured fibula (stress fracture) followed by a fractured 5th metatarsal which refused to heal. I've seen the specialist a few times, had a bone density scan, MRI and a CT. he has suggested that I see a Podiatrist for gait analysis as part of my 'management plan'. I was wondering, Is there much difference between this and gait analysis in somewhere like Sweatshop ? Is it worth the money/any idea what they cost ? Any advise or experience of this would be great. Cheers.


  • Yes, there is a difference, not least of which is training and qualifications. Staff in a shop will just have the range of shoes they sell to suggest. A podiatrist can work up an orthotic 'prescription' for you. When I had a metatarsal stress fracture my podiatrist sorted out some temporary padding to ensure the load was spread away from the newly recovered bone when I first started back again for the first few runs, in addition to orthotics to sort the problem that caused the problem in the first place.

    Having said that, you need a podiatrist that understands running as a sport so worth trying to get a recommendation. Where are you based?

    I think my consultations were about ??35 a couple of years ago. My orthotics were about ??75 though that seems to be a lot cheaper than a lot of people pay - not sure if they were very simple ones maybe.

    Has your treatment been on the NHS - if it is being recommended wouldn't they refer you?
  • Though I think some shops have podiatry clinics. If you meant that rather than the sales staff ignore what I have said above!
  • No, you were right first time !! My treatment was through my Health Insurance and it doesn't cover the podiatrist so I need to pay for it. I'm in NE Hampshire and the Consultant has suggested Foot Mechanix in Byfleet.
  • If you ever re-locate to the North East I can recommend someone up hereimage

    Shame you aren't covered by your insurance. No reason to doubt your Consultant's suggestion, but you could ask a local running club or running shop for suggestions if you are worried about cost and want to compare a few places.
  • Thanks. I have a Physio appointment next week so I'll chat to her first before choosing.
  • So who would you recommend in the north east pl?
  • Alison Meldrum, Cradlewell Clinic in Jesmond, Newcastle. I think she doesn't have a website but the number I have is 0191 281 9200.

    Hope that's local/convenient to where you are and is of use. Can recommend a good physio round the corner too image and no I'm not on comission!
  • Have had similar problems myself with having a high tibial osteotomy and was regularly getting shin splints, I saw a podiatrist from bay podiatry, who I saw at Physio plus in newcastle, he has sorted this out with insoles and did a video gait analysis, will try and post link
  • check out the socap website and HPC website, you can search for a registered Podiatrist on there. 


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