Foot Ache

I am flat footed and was measured for running shoes with support for my arches.

However when running i feel an ache in the arches and am wondering if this is something i should be concernd about, or if it is down extra support which is now curving my foot correctly but as it is not used to it it is aching.

Any advice on this would be appreciated.

Incidentally my knee ache that i posted about seems cured, it was pulled ligaments and a physio sorted it for me with a massage and a weeks rest.


  • Why were you sold the arch supports? were you told that because you have flat feet you overpronate?


  • well my feet and ankles collapse inwards and are not straight. The support in the arch pushes my foot up and straightens everything out.

    I do overpronate.

  • Ah well yes, if your ankles collapse inwards that would be the case! image

    How long have you had the foot pain for after getting the arch support? if its not long i would guess they just need a few weeks to get used to it?

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