Locating Other Runners

I live in the US, but I travel all over for races. This year alone I'll be in at least 4 countries over 3 continents, and possibly 7 US states. I sometimes end up going with friends, both runners and spectators, but sometimes I have to go alone. Does anyone know of online resources for locating other runners? For example, I'll be in Liverpool for the Half Marathon in March, so I've looked for some Liverpool running resources, or local clubs talking about traveling... I'm not coming up with anything too helpful. Thoughts?


  • Runners world ? Check out the race threads for the Liverpool Half. I don't think you need another resource - its all on here. Where are you staying in Liverpool ? What do you need to know ?
  • Hiya Travelin Chick!

    I've used JoggingBuddy.com and have found other people to run with on here in the past. I've also found Twitter really, really useful for finding other runners and have arranged catch ups before and after races successfully. I'm not going to be patronising about using common sense etc ... image Twitter's also been fantastic for discussing routes to and from races and kit required etc!

    Hope this helps!

  • David - the potholes are the biggest threat to car wheels in Liverpool these days !
  • I have a hotel near the race start/finish. It's not so much that I need tips about the city or the race... I am mostly looking for other people to hang out with. I have a local friend but he'll be out of town for part of my trip. With the race being on St. Patrick's Day, it would especially be fun to have others to go out with.

  • This is the thread for the event - introduce yourself on here -


    Have fun !
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