Looking for a lightweight pair of trainers

I need to get a new pair of trainers. Currently I sway between a pair of Evos and a pair of Nike Free TR+ (thinnest sole Nike make). I can't run far anymore I used to run far more in the past image due to osteoarthritis and things really painfully niggling if I run for too long, but I do run frequently.

I have been having issues with how heavy my bag is, and despite being fairly light, I'm wondering if I can get my trainers lighter still to reduce my back pain (osteopenia/early brittle bone disorder). I have been advised to reduce the weight of my back and want my next set of trainers to be lighter then my current pair/s if possible: I only carry one at a time by the way!


Does anyone have any tips or ideas for where I can find trainers listed in weight form? I'm not as niche to go for the vibrams- can't deal with the toe thing, and think they're maybe a bit too barefoot for me! I bought my current pairs about 2 years ago and have no idea what if any lighter materials have come out on the market since.


  • I'm about to try Brooks pure drift - apparently they are very light but not as minimalistic as vibrams. Any shoe from brooks pure range is pretty light

  • Cant you leave the trainers rather than carry them round on your back ? I run from work quite often and i have trainers under the desk, or in lockers or drawers.

    Any reduction in weight is going to be minimal TBH - I'd rather have the right trainers rather than light ones.

    What else is in your bag - if its anything like mrs cougies - the ark of the covenant could be in the bottom of hers.. Have a rummage.
  • I can't leave my trainers because I can't afford to rent a locker. I used to do this before and was why it wasn't such an issue and I lived in Nike Frees when at the gym, but since January I've had to cut back and gym locker rental had to go, so I've been hauling them around and really notice the difference!


    I have also got a few toiletries, but everything is in sachets or teeny tiny pots suitable for only one shower, even when I've forgotten to bring this stuff I still find the bag is too heavy! It never used to feel this heavy when I used it prior to Janurary image I've been using a rucksack which does help but it's still a noticable weight.


    The Pure Drifts seem like a good idea, I'd been wading through various sports sites, some include the weight of shoes, others don't. Innovate are quite helpful as they include the weights in the shoe title, but at 108g the Pure Drifts seem the lightest I can find unless I'm happy to either wear my trainers around as well as in the gym (not a good idea, my day-style nears that of a "goth") or force myself to love the toe thing (also not a good idea!)

  • Do some weight training so that the bag doesn't feel too heavy ?
  • its not my arms, I can lift OK and don't have any ambitions on lifting more, it's y back, the bones are going (osteopenia which is a precurser to osteoperosis which runs in my family: brittle bones) and also a scoliosis which means my spine is slightly wonky. Issue is, it's wonky because I have had a heavy bag in the past, they showed me how it works- even rucksacks can and do have an effect because if your tired or they are heavy and you have worn away bones, they tend to mishape with time. Don't really fancy being a hunch-back!


    Weighed my bag last week, it came in at over half a stone and close to a full stone! Thats not a good thing! Will be sampling out a few pairs of trainers over the next weekend/week, got to make my mind up at some point!

  • How about a wheelie bag, then you are pulling, not lifting, it.
  • If you found a good Pilates instructor you could help strengthen the back ?

    I can't think running in light weight shoes will be good for your osteoporosis ?

  • Sadly I am not a Pilataes person, I take the classes, pick up the moves, carry them on myself and then return to the classes or physio (normally the latter) to fine-tune things. It is quite odd as I don't mind Yoga but I just find Pilataes so dull and boring! Maybe I just haven't yet found a good teacher (it has been a few years though!) One teacher I had was sooo funny and did his best to make the class smile. I still hated it. I just like to move rather then sit and hold positions and I hate trying to balance! I have a slightly curved spine (scolliosis?) so already have a disadvantage.


    Lightweight shoes, I believe, help with my bones and joints more, purely because I walk better. I don't stamp, I forefoor or mid-strike run rather then heel-strike run and this means my joints take less impact then they would if I were heel striking in clumpy foam based cushioned shoes. I used to have a stress fracture that was there for years, I was told to stop running for 6 months at least to let it recover. I got fed up after 6 weeks! I tried proper barefoot running and within 2 months had trained myself up to run 10 minutes at a time in barefoot style shoes. The stress fracture which had before then been very recurrant did not return and though I've had niggles, its generally because I have gotten laid back in my style and started to stamp-run again. I don't just use minimal trainers for the weight-of-bag issue, I also do this because I get fewer joint pains and so far have not had any new fractures or shin splints. That's what got me sold!

  • Jennn, some really good advice above, you should take it. Pilates can be dull and boring but the benefits outweigh that

  • I do core stability stuff already and do dip back into classes at times, I'm not an avid follower but to take the principals to heart, I do see the benefits and this is why I practace core stability by myself, but as with most classes, I tend to do everything by myself, if I could afford one-to-one training, I would! Sadly, kinda out of the equation...!


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