Heart Rate Monitors

I'm looking to buy a new Heart Monitor. Does anyone have any particular one they would be happy to recommend? I've been using a Sports Instruments Circuit 3 for the last couple of seasons. It doesn't have an average HR function which i would like. Also, my resting HR drops down to around 34 when i'm race fit and the Circuit 3 doesn't read below 40, so it was never any good for taking my RHR.

Thanks all



  • Good models out there include

    Polar 610 and 710
    Cardiosport Ultra

    All packed with feature

    It all comes down to personal taste
  • I would look to have one that has a fully featured chronograph with lap times and intervals as well.

    Save you having to have a stop watch as well.

  • The cardisport i have includes those features as does the higher range polar watches i believe
  • polar 610i on ebay just now... btw...

    (gawd, am I sounding like Daz now..?)
  • Timex ironman HRM has been pretty good. Has all the lovely timex stopwatch functions and doesn't go overboard on the HRM functions. Is abit pricey but I got mine for £70 so thats ok.
  • I have started using a polar s610i and it is by far the best HRM I have used. In the past I have had 1 Cardiosport 1 other polar and most recently a Suunto - but the polar s610i knocks spots off all of them. However, it is full of functions that if you were only looking for a basic model with chrono/ave HR/etc - it might be a bit over the top. It retails at something like £175 but off the internet it is available for around £150. You will also need an infrared reader (unless your pc has one built in) to make make best use of it and this costs an additional £25.
  • Ok so the s610i looks a good option.

    How do I decide on the

    Polar Serial (COM) IR Port
    Polar USB IR Port

    I have windows98

  • Loads of info can be found at www.heartratemonitor.co.uk. If you decide to buy from them give them a ring a they will advise accordingly. I bought my s610i from them after picking their brains. I could have got the monitor for about £5 cheaper elsewhere on the internet, but the advice I got was worth the extra. My IR port is USB - and I am on Windows XP - I am far from a computer buff, so beyond that I cannot help.
  • Big Angry Friend has a new toy from Oregon Scientific which he seems to like.

    one that buzzes in an excited sort of way if you overdo it

    Caspar - last I heard, Daz was ill. :o(
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