Tapering trials

Hi everyone. I'm running my first ultra - Cardiff - in May. I've diligently produced a training plan, which includes a 2 week taper. My problem is that my final week of big mileage (62 miles, including a back to back of 30 and 10) coincides with an overnight trip to Amsterdam (leaving early, arriving home late) and a close friends wedding at the other end of the country. I expect my 30 miles to take me around 6 hours, so it's not feasible to fit it in before the 1pm wedding! Any advice on how to adapt things (without taking time off a full time job) appreciated. I am provide more details on the shape of those few weeks if necessary. Thanks ultra runners!


  • Sounds like you should recognise that your planned high load week is unfeasible given your other commitments. Probably not a good idea to try and lever it in anyway - the peak week scheduled against other high stress events is not desirable.

    Suggest you just do the peak week 1 week earlier and lengthen your taper. Unless you are an elite athlete its probably going to make no difference and may even help.

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