New boy in the club

Hello. Just signed up to the URWFRC, so I thought I'd say hi. Okay, I admit, I only did it to get the vest. To late to order it in time for the GNR, so I guess I'll have to wait til next week before I start looking under the sofa for some spare change.

In the meantime, good luck to every running in Newcastle - I'll keep an eye out for the shirts.

Hoping to beat my PB of 2.16, but those heady dreams will probably be dashed by the crush at the start.



  • Arnie
    Welcome, good luck on Sunday
  • I only joined today as well! Won't be at the GNR but best of luck - enjoy!
  • G'Day Arnie and welcome to the mayhem.
  • Hi Arnie welcome to the madhouse

    Best of luck on sunday

  • Hi Arnie and FANY;
    Good to have new forumites. Time to tell us all your little secrets I think.......!
  • Good luck at the GNR.
  • Hello Arnie - cor are we going to get millions of members. I bet Wasp vests will be glad Lamb chose them!
  • Wecolme Arnie,
    Excuse my ignorance but wear on the site do you sign up for the vest?
  • Its not actually on this site. We've got our own one on

  • New boy on the block number 2!

    I've never been on one of these chat sites before. God knows how I get my piccie on there (not that you want ot see me in my running gear!!)let alone subscribe for a running vest!

    Anyway, Hi to everyone and good luck to those runnning the GNR.

    I'm running the NY Marathon one month from today. Any of you guys likely to be out there too?
  • You can see by the delay that I am having problems replying !!!! I WILL get there !!

    Hope I can run just a bit faster than I can operate a PC !!!!!!!!!

  • Andy there is a NY thread, there are many running it
  • So we must all be flying out at roughly the same time. How about a mass warm up across the terminals at Gatwick & Heathrow ! Imagine the whiff of deep heat - fantastic!

    Seriously though. Any plans for meeting up for those out there for a while? I fly out on the 1/11 and am there for a week - I'll be lying flat out for 6 days after though!
  • Welcome Arnie, FANY and Andy. Now you're here, you'll never get away again.
  • Am I being a bit thick, how do I join (might point out that for the next 18 months I am living in the USA)! Does that exclude me?
  • Fany, why FANY?
  • I'm a new girl to the forum and I'm doing the GNR too - but not NY. Agree this is SO addictive. I only started looking because I subscribe to RW and thought I'd have a look round. Now I can't keep away - is there a Unofficial Forum Addicts Anonymous anywhere?
  • New girl on the block
    Ran my first half-marathon at Windsor - didn't realise how addictive running can be
    Good luck to all GNR runners
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Hi Karen - there are quite a few overseas forumites out here (there?) - I'm in Iceland, and I've seen posts from Turkey and Germany and I'm sure there are others as well. I'm a new-ish girl as well - never thought when I first logged on that the forums would be so addictive though!
  • Morning new boys and girls and all.

    First PB, what flavour is your muffin?

    I can only repeat what everyone has just said, it's highly addictive, you'll be lucky to scrape together an hours work during the course of the day and will become expert flickers on your pc!

    I am definitely rationing myself today. Well I'm going to try.
  • I am a newish guy on the block, to running that is. Been a bit of a lurker on the forum and reading all the highly inspirational and motivational posts. Thanks they are great.
    Planning on doing Bath and London (if I get places).

    Good luck to those doing GNR and Abingdon.
  • Oh forgot to say good luck to you all too!
  • PB, maybe it's my mind, but I always feel there's a smutty undertone with you :-)
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