Can't tell if my trail shoes are neutral

I got some Asics Fuji-ES gel trainers last March. At the time I wasn't injured, didn't know much about gait and running styles, and can't really remember what the guy in the shop said at the time. I'm not a neutral runner so I think he said these would suit me better- he watched me run with them on a treadmill. I only wore them a few times when off-road (most of my training was on road, in Adidas trainers which were also matched, I think for supination?). I've looked online and literally cannot find anywhere whether they are neutral, stability, over-pronation or under-pronation!

I'm now wearing custom orthotics all the time. I haven't been able to run but I'm allowed to start again soon, carefully on grass. I got told that I need neutral trainers to run in. I want to know whether my old trail shoes, which are still in good condition, are going to cause me any problems with my orthotics in too by changing my gait etc.

Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks.


  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    If its these, then it suggests they are neutral.  Most trail shoes are neutral



  • I got told most trail shoes are neutral too, as its such an un even surface that your always going to have your feet moving around!

  • Yes i believe most trail shoes are neutral. Any gait correction would be useless. as Jason says its such an uneven surface your feet are not stable anyway

  • Thanks guys. I've been walking around in flat casual shoes for ages but I have a heel strike so want a trainer or more support. I'm a bit skint though, so until I can get a pair of cheap trainers I was hoping to wear my trail shoes for every day use.

    If I'm having a shin problem (bone stress) will the trail shoes be soft enough/absorb enough shock? I imagine they're better than flat shoes as I have a high arch but if I have to buy some more trainers I will do.



  • if you want more support and to stop your shin problem then orthotics are the answer - I wouldn't run without mine now. They're expensive but worth every penny and also last a long time.

    Mine were from Foot Factor in central London, they were made on site and I know they offer a free consultation if you're not sure what it's all about. Some people use off the shelf insoles but they can't give you the same support as custom made insoles. Save up and treat yourself if at all possible, I'm sure you won't regret it.

  • IMO Orthotics are not always the answer and you should look to address the issues that are causing whatever problem you have, treat the cause and not the symptom.

    You do seem to be advising Foot Factor an awful lot at the moment ?????    Nothing like a bit of free advertising

  • ... only because they've changed my life! I love sharing what's worked for me if it's something that doesn't get advertised much. There seems to be a lot of Nike and other brand free advertising on all running forums too, just the nature of passing on good tips I suppose image Happy jogging!

  • I suspect Nike pay for theirs

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