My Vibram Fivefingers Shoes (ongoing story for potential users)



  • HowardS - I asked so I can understand your motivation for choosing particular footwear. Sounds like you have got the hump, so to cut this short, no more questions from me. I'm out.
  • To suggest a Marathon runner does not stick at anything especially when you should know just how hard it can be to get out the door when the pavements have ice and snow just seemed a tad insulting. Apologies if my tone conveyed this.
  • I too was really interested in the barefoot thing but have always been put off by the hobbit'esq look of the VFF's.I currently do about 80% of my running in Inov8 bare-x 180's that let your feet behave how they need to behave without the daftness. It took about a week or so to do my first 10 miler in them but then I'd made a fairly healthy transition from Asics Nimbus - Nike Free 3.0's- Saucony Kin's-Inov8 233's-Barex 150's-Barex 180's.

  • Hi Kittenkat and Sean, I guess having worn bright blue and or bright red Newtons for a while now when I am only a very enthusiastic hobby runner and not that young either, I have no shame. Yes the shoes bring a few smiles and probably sniggers but I run for me and my experience so don't want others to dictate how I do it. There is no getting away from the fact everything about the five finger shoes is "wrong"

    I will check out how you made your shoe progress Sean as you have taken my lack of brand consistency approach.

    Thanks for your input.
  • Would something like a blog be a more appropriate place for this?  Wordpress, or

  • HowardS wrote (see)
    MarC, the makers do suggest a strategy and the seller told me about a woman who bought the shoes ignored the advice and the next time he saw her she was back complaining it was their fault that she was in a knee length plaster.

    I'm aware, and i was saying a build up is needed, My point was that there is no set way to do it and that your previous running shoes play a big part in how fast you can transition,  someone who's ran in minimal shoes and has good form can start running right away in them, just shorter distances to start with. i think many people go way over the top with build up, i know someone who would only walk in them for 3 months, 
    Every runner is different, everyone will take a different length of time to adjust, If you're coming from big chunky asics then yeah.. its not gonna be as quick to transition.
  • Wilkie, last time I installed Wordpress the lousy security holed software allowed someone to destroy a whole Godaddy server full of users sites so never again.

    This really isn't a nice place to hang out and unfortunately those who were interested in Vigram shoes will now have to buy a pair to get an unbiased opinion.

    This site really does deserve the bad press it gets regarding members, and I will go back to what I enjoy, the running.

    Thanks to the moderators who did nothing to restrain the petty posters who it appears had no interst in the thread anyway.

    To those who were interested sorry but life is too short to do things that aren't fun.
  • I am interested in the way these have started to appear, way back in the 1970's an American mate wore "negative heels" and she brought me a opulent of pairs over, they were my "weekend" shoes for ages
  • Howard, you can't post on an open forum and expect only people who agree with you or are interested in your subject matter to post.  You CERTAINLY can't expect the moderators to take off dissenting opinions!

    That was why I suggested a blog - only people who are actually interested in it will make the effort to read it, and those who aren't won't bother.

    If you shove it under the noses of everyone on a forum, you'll get opinions from people, like it or not.



  • I agree with Wilkie. Plus you seem to be trying to do something in a style never done before on this forum, this is RW not some other techno/review orientated place.

    Oh, and I have a pair of VFF and wear them to pilates, they are great for that. I know I could run in them if I wanted to, but I wear them around the house and for pilates. Driving in them for the first time is a weird experience but perfectly safe.

  • It was a rather boring post and I'm afraid you do seem to come across as someone who's prepared to spend money on any new gimmick. Negative heel shoes in particular sound like a very bad idea.

    Mind you, if Vibram really make toe socks that slip down, I'm deeply unimpressed.

    I love driving in my VFFs, CJ! If it's a long drive, then a quick stretch of the legs round a service station carpark does wonders for waking your body back up again.
  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    I didn't realise that it was against the rules to give an oppinion that differs from the original poster.
  • What's Vigram?
  • It's like a Vibram but it makes your foot stiff.

  • sean Oc 4 wrote (see)
    What's Vigram?

    lol i thought that,

    at the OP. get over yourself, myself and a few others put in positive/on topic responses that you chose to either ignore or have a go at.

  • XX1XX1 ✭✭✭
    @Wilkie -- Would you not recommend the Blogs bit of this website?

    I know this is going slightly off topic but what is the point of barefoot running?
  • Reading this i feel sorry for the OP, he/she is only sharing their experiences so why all the bashing? clearly people have nothing else to do. I came on here to read about vibrams to be greeted by people saying ' why are you even posting this' come on!

    you would not speak to this person like that if you met them face to face so why over a keyboard do you think you are so much better than them? baffles me


    anyway.. out of interest what vibrams did you end up buying as i dont think you mentioned it?


  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Any update on the shoes? It's all gone quiet.
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