Intervals on treadmill

Personally I find intervals / speedwork reps on treadmills easier than when run outside, say in a park, or track.  Pace is easier to monitor, and conditions are not variable. 

Do they have the same positive impact?  Or are they a "cheat" training mode?  Hmmm!

Whats' your say?


  • Yes they are easier, and you dont work as hard.

  • 1% incline on the treadmill and they are more or less the same.

  • I think they're about the same. Why would they be easier ?

    If you notice they're easier - then maybe your treadmill is reading too low ? Try it faster next time ? Simples.

    I like the treadmill as it is easier for me to monitor progress and more repeatable.
  • and its more boring. . .image

    doesnt the fact that the 'ground' is effectively moving under you assist leg turnover?

  • It doesn't feel any easier ? And the ground outside is moving underneath you too - actually its you that's moving - but it feels about the same.

    I don't find it that boring. Intervals go quickly - steady runs are a bit worse - but there's always plenty of odd people to look at at the gym. Far more than being outside.
  • Guess its a bit like marmite then? image

  • Only if you put Marmite on a 1% gradient.
  • haha! image
    or unless you're this guy


     (from our local parkrun)

  • My heart rate for intervals is a tiny bit higher on a treadmill than on a track for the same pace. Probably just the indoor environment making it a tiny bit harder.

    If your doing a VO2 interval session, you're in the right heart rate zone, and running with good form, then I would be happy enough doing them in a hamster wheel. If its too easy then increase speed or incline of a treadmill.

    I'm not fussed one way or the other about marmite.
  • They are easier because you're not getting any air resistance. So either stick it on 1% or add a bit of speed - I add 0.5 kph, which is roughly equivalent. But as also-ran/DF3 say, if you are in the right effort/HR zone, that is what actually counts.

    Certainly not cheating.

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