Is it ok to exercise with a minor groin strain

I managed to 'pull' something on the groin/inner thigh area whilst sitting on the stairs putting on my running shoes (image!?)  I went out and ran it felt a bit niggly but nothing painful.  Next day I came down with the flu so was out of action for 2 and a half weeks.  As i had been laid up I forgot all about it as I couldn't feel it during normal day to day activities.  Feeling better I went out for a gentle recovery run on Saturday and immediately the 'pull' came back and felt a lot worse than before.  I have rested it for 3 days, usuing ice packs and ibruprofen etc...

Today I only notice it when i'm walking.  I'm desperate to get back to my normal exrecise regime but don't want to risk further injury..... I don't think it's a good idea to run yet but can I use the exercise bikes in the gym instead???

I'm so fed up image


  • Yes but know that if you have an injury, you risk it taking longer to recover. You do need a boosted circulation to aid your body to repair injuries but if you do any sort of exercise which can create damage (such as high impact exercise like running or jumping...etc). These sorts of exercises cause micro-tears and these microtears on top of already-there-injuries is only going to mean your body will take longer to recover from the initial injury.


    When you're finished exercising, make sure you stretch- but not too far, use a foam roller to boost circulation and ice it afterwards. If you can, take a few rest days more then normal, walk by all means but just keep tabs on the running if you want it repaired sooner rather then later.

  • Thanks Jennn.  Since my last post I've been to see a physio and rested completely for a full 8 days, only movement has been walking (can't avoid it for my job) and doing gentle hip flexor stratches as advised by physio.  Don't notice any discomfort at all now when walking and climbing stairs etc.. So tested out a bike at the gym for 15 mins which was ok at a gentle pace with low resistance (but sooooo dull!)  Next day tested by a gentle jog for 5 mins then felt the pull again image so stopped and walked home.  Plan is to rest it for the next 4 days then test a gentle jog again...

    Has anyone else ever had this? According to physio it's a combo of issues with TFL, Solis and hip flexors.... Any ideas how long I can realistically expect to be out of running?

  • I had a strain a bit like this once but not quite the same as I don't remember it affecting my running. However, I couldn't sit in a straddle position comfortably (have never been that flexible in the hips in any case), do side stretches with legs apart, etc. It was very minor compared to yours, I think, but lasted weeks and weeks. In the end I sorted it with sports massage. I thought he was trying to rip my leg off, and it hurt like hell at the time and a bit for a week or so afterwards, but once I'd recovered from the massage it went away and has been fine ever since. Might be worth a try?

  • Sue how did you get on with this as I'm in the same boat ATM. Did not exercise for a week and did a run the weekend and its back! 

  • My physio has just text me and said 3 to 4 weeks off running image 

  • Hi Paul German 2, sorry to hear you're experiencing this too.  I know you won't want to hear this but I stopped running for a month (which sucked!) and did some gym classes instead (body pump).  It did help clear this up and I got back to running ok although I make sure to spend time stretching hip flexors after every run.  I also have another underlying hip problem which I am still trying to get properly diagnosed, have had x-ray and cortisone injections so far....

    Give yourself a proper break of about 3 weeks from running and then test it gently.  I know it sucks but you'll get back quicker if you're patient image

  • Oh well. Glad your on the mend. 4 weeks! Ouch. Thanks for the info. I'm only guessing its a groin strain. Feels it tight in the top of the inner thigh when walking up stairs but only mild. And feels a little week to walk on as well. It felt a bit sore before I ran a half marathon on Sunday but when I run I didn't hurt at all. Only the next day feeling weak again. 

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