Dukeries ultra

I'm considering doing the 30/40 mile ultra in lieu of Cardiff 50.

Does anyone know whether the terrain will be suitable for road running shoes/road runner? Or is it possible it might be muddy e.t.c?




  • Rich

    You would probably be better posting this in the ultra/adventure racing section. I believe quite a few on there have done the race before.

  • I did the 30 last year directions were poor and I didn't think much of marshalling. I told marshalls that a group behind me had gone off track, and were lost, no interest. I eventually finished after several detours (missing markers blamed on walkers) I ran 8 miles extra. If you want to navigate it should be OK if you're looking for a run probably not

  • Any thoughts on road vs. trail shoes though EKGO?

  • It was dry and easy in road shoes, I'd imagine it would need to be very bad for trail shoes
  • Righto. Thanks. Will hopefully get up for a look and a couple of test runs before the day.

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