Charity Running Vest

The charity i work for need 500 + running vests for a marathon we are doing in April.

we are looking for a supplier which can produce these garments at a good rate but must be High quality.

could anyone suggest any company's which may be able to help after being let down by one already?


  • No idea if they do charity stuff, but my club's gear is made by wasp in wales:

    Very good quality - lasts for ages.

  • do our charity Run Vest  Highest quality, very reliable, competive prices with a extremly professional service.

    After being let down ourselfs by another company, leaving us a very short time scale to get these vest produced Scimitar Sports where more than helpful. 

    The vest have washed well we Highly recomnd this company!  

    Hope this Helps 

  • The Trionium people use a place called Winning Ways. Google 'em. I have lots of technical tees from them and thy're good quality. Plus knowing the Trionium guys they're probably quite reasonable. Good luck....
  • Call me a cynical old bag (not ALL at once!), but it seems like a huge co-incidence that Lucy Jone's first ever post on the forum receives a glowing recommendation from ANOTHER first-time poster!

    How incredibly fortunate that they both joined in the forum on the very same day!


  • I feel that your comment is a little unfair regarding my running vest post!

    i was under the impression that these sites were friendly!

    I have little little knowledge on running vest as i am not a runner myself, so

    my main gain from joining this site is to enlighten me to the running world and

    greater my knowledge on The vest for the Charity which will benefit us.

    learning off others should not be discouraged!

    thank you for  all the helpful comments!


  • Which is your charity, and where and when is the event?

  • Harry Spring run off, sat the 6th april 2013 - high park toronto

     Olivers Army which surports Adrenoleukodystrophy.

    It being made clear my questions are not welcome on the site! 


  • My apologies if I have wronged you, but it does look like too much of a co-incidence that a glowing recommendation from a new member follows a request for such a recommendation from ANOTHER new member.

    Perhaps you'd be better off asking on an American or Canadian running forum - the delivery costs will be much lower than from the UK.

  • Hi Lucy,

    We here at Frontrunner in Lincoln produce printed running vests, all styles, colours and designs avaliable. If you require any further information please give us a call on 01522 684780 or send an email to


    Kaye Duckering

    Sales and Administration

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