Sunderland then Edinburgh Marathon


I've signed up for the Sunderland Marathon and the Edinburgh Marathon.

I'm looking for do a sub3:30 in the Sunderland and a sub 3:15 in the Edinburgh.

I'm struggling to formulate a clear training plan.  I've already done 4 weeks pretraining (6 days, 2 lsr of 12m&16).  How to I taper off for both races while still having time to do enough LSRs of up to 20m?  Maybe I don't taper off for Sunderland?

Is anyone else facing a similar dilemma or have any advice?



  • I don't know the time between both maras. Is it a month? or three weeks?

    I would train as standard for the sunderland mara, with the taper. I would recover and then aim to 'keep it steady' in the weeks leading up to Edinburgh.

    I wouldn't expect to improve your time much for edinburgh ( you never know though, these things just happen out of the blue sometimes) but in my experience despite feeling good on the start line - you will suffer in the last 10k of the second mara. this is the experience of my club mates also.

    enjoy though image


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