Valentine's Run

Anybody doing this for the first time?


  • Yes myself and my friend want to, but don't seem to be able to register online it closed now?

  • Yes. Pre-race entries are closed but you will be able to enter on race day. Allow plenty of time though. Hope you remember a change of clothes. Its going to be muddy!
  • Ok thanks. Looking forward to it! What time would you recommend we arrive?
  • I would aim to arrive by 9:30 to be on the safe side. Make sure you have good directions and remember it's ??15 otd.
  • Did this last year in the was brilliant. Thinking about coming along tomorrow for an OTD entry but haven't run for 3 weeks due to a small injury caused by falling over one of my dogs on a run!!! LOL Will certainly be a good way to test how much fitness I've lost.....esp that hill!!

  • Where can we see the results of the 10-Feb-13 Vrun

  • Hi Gerald. They will appear on Vigo Runners page on Vigo Rugby Club's web site. They may not be on there just yet but that's where you will be able to find them.
  • Hi Gerald. Use the following link thank you for taking part. Without your support there is no run!!!
  • It was brilliant again even though it was sooooo muddy!! Organisation was fab and I'll be back next year for definite!!

  • Loved it! My farthest run to date. Will definitely be back next year, perhaps not bringing up the rear next time! : )
  • Excellent event organisation - thoroughly enjoyed the route - loved the hill at the end - will be back next year! Well done!

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