Tapering for 100 miler

Ive got a 24 hour race ( hoping to get 100 miles) in two and a half weeks. Apart from a marathon this Saturday , exacty 2 weeks before the event I was thinking about just doing a few 5 milers. Am I backing off too much or does this sound about right ? Not really sure what to do . I havent run since last weekend when I did a 34/16M back to back with no problems and no stiffness next day.


  • You are backing off just right.  It is critical to have good recovery time for a 100 miler.  You might get away with more activity, but why risk it?

  • Fizz without knowing you, your history or your training regime it's impossible to say what a good taper would be for you, everyone's individual and needs different things. What works for me is a fifty % reduction in training two weeks out and the week before I do nothing more than two runs of no more than six miles each, I benefit from lots of rest the week leading up
  • So.... running a marathon 2 weeks before a 100 miler is classed as tapering?  Bloody hell!

    I don't know whether to admire you or pity you! image

    Good luck... enjoy it

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