I'd be very grateful if anyone could give me tips on running shoes. I bought proper running shoes from a specialist shop, but after running about 4 miles they start to rub and have given me blisters on the inside of my feet between the arch and the ball of my foot (I'm persuming this is where my feet pronate?!) I'm a total beginner to running and was wondering if this means I've got the wrong shoes, or whether I just need to wear them in a bit more? Thanks!


  • Hi Sophie,
    I think you may have been given the wrong shoes, were the shoes fitted correctly with your running style checked.
    I have found that since I have had my running style checked by being filmed running on a treadmill and then being properly fitted it is like running on air as before this I had trouble with some shoes and once you find a pair of shoes the fit then buy two or three pairs if you can as the makers always change styles.
    Most runners I know have quiet a few pairs of shoes that were no good.
    Dont run in then if they hurt!!
    It will do more harm than good.
    Hope this helps
  • Hi Sophie,

    Your situation sounds simular to mine... I am currently wondering around the office in just my socks, due to blisters under my arch on both feet!!
    The shoes I have been wearing are support shoes, through bad advice and confusion over terminology...I bought the wrong shoes for my feet. Plan and simple. It sounds like maybe you have the wrong shoes too.

    My problem was due to my feet rubbing on the arch support inside the shoe, so after speaking to a very helpful chap in a proper running shop, I have tried and tested a shoe that is neutral and flexable - so far they seem absolutely fine...fingers and toes crossed!!

    Good luck!
  • Could be your socks, they are just as important as your shoes. After all they are the bit that is actually in contact with your skin.

    Also, are you lacing the shoes too tight or too loose. Difficult balance to strike but can be very important, especially if you have soft, delicate skin. Personally, I think my feet are made of leather but that's another story.
  • Thank you very much for all your advice!Taking my shoes to a running shop with proper shoe fitting equipment to get their advice and get properly fitted!
  • Sophie,
    I'm just getting back to running again after suffering an injury (plantar fasciitis) very likely caused by running in the wrong type of shoe. Don't suffer if the shoes are hurting you. They are not right. Modern shoes, in my experience, feel right straight out of the box. You shouldn't need to "break them in".
    Also, I find the quality of so called specialist shops vary somewhat. If they don't have specialist gear for checking what type of shoes you need, at least get advice from somebody experienced in what he or she is selling. I find that it helps a fair bit if the retailers are runners too. At least they are aware of the pitfalls and will usually help you try and avoid them.
    There are some good shops around, and plenty of people willing to help. Don't get disheartened, we all make this mistake at some time.
  • Hello

    I am new to running and am following the run/walk schedule from this website.

    I have a similar problem with blisters I picked up on a session yesterday, between the ball of the foot and the arch, it was really sore to run by the end and for most of the day yesterday.

    May have been the socks as I usually wear 1000 mile socks but put on some old reeboks yesterday. Will see how it goes.

    Got my shoes from City Runner in London who seem to have a good reputation, any other places in London which are good for shoes and have all the testing kit etc?
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