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I often run in the evening, but would love to get the motivation to run in the morning. I am finding it very hard to get up early enough and put my trainers on!!! Any useful tips on morning motivation!!!


  • I have a 9 year old - he wakes around 5 so I get up with him at 5:30 get him some cereal etc and am out the door at 5:40 - don't always feel like it but once I am up and out I feel great - (AND the run is done for the day which is a brilliant feeling) - I f you haven't got an early waking 9 year old would you like to buy one!!!!image

  • Haha, no 9 years olds and teaching children with autism means I would not like to purchase one just now as that tires me out enough!! Thanks for the advise, I may use that later in life image

  • I'm dabbling with this at the moment and find it hard to get out of bed!, once out it's great as it's so quiet compared to the evenings so can run mostly on the roads with no hold ups at junctions etc & it sets up the day nicely.

    One thing I definitely have to do is get all the kit ready the night before, so can get up & go without thinking about where things are.

    I tend to look at the forecast and if it's dry in the morning but pi$$ing down in the evening then that is usually good motivation image


  • I'm a regular morning runner and once you get into the habit it's fine!  I started morning runs in the summer (light mornings!) and continued the habit.  Morning motivation will be easier once spring and lighter mornings are here.

  • I am a morning runner, well not at the moment as I am injured.

    There is a good thread already going for early risers

  • I've been out for a run at 1am, does that count as early morning!?

    In all seriousness, I need to find my mojo for morning running, I'm going to make myself go out at 10am on Saturday rather than my usual 2pm.

  • I've found that telling myself I'm actually going for a walk to check out the river or something instead of a run makes it all a bit more palatable. Then, once I'm out and have walked for a few minutes I start to very gently jog and it's all easier after that.

    I absolutely love running, and am quite keen on early mornings, but without kidding myself that I'm not really going running I just stay in bed!
  • I changed to morning running about 18 months ago.  Basically, just do it!  Set your alarm for whatever time you choose, get up without thinking about it for too long and head out as soon as you can.  The more time you give yourself to think about it, the harder it will be.

    You will be a lot more tired than usual until you adjust but the feeling of having your run done so early in the day is hard to beat.  It's usually a lot more peaceful early morning as well.  I'd never go back to running after work.

  • I agree with rubbishrunner, just do it - I do find speedwork harder in the mronings than I ever did in the evening, but again once I start I carry on -

  • A hate of running at the end of the day and forcing myself to go to bed early combine to allow me to get up at any time to run. Going to bed early is key. Go to bed early! image 

  • Join us on the Stupid O Clock Threadimage

  • There is no better feeling than seeing someone else run in the afternoon, thinking 'damn I need to get my run in' and then realising you already did your run at stupid'o'clock image
  • Khanivore: Agreedimage

  • Prep everything the night before then a strong coffee just as you go to bed. This way you should fall asleep before the caffein kicks in but wake up buzzing and needing the toilet.

  • Definitely lay out all your stuff the night before, so that you don't have to use any brain cells when you wake up. I also know someone so swears by sleeping in your running gear (minus the shoes...) so you literally just have to roll out of bed, lace up and go. Never tried that one myself, but it might be worth experimenting?
  • Put your alarm clock the other side of the room so you have to get up to switch it off.

    I really want to run in the mornings and may switch in the Spring. It would men greeting up at 4am though as I get up at 5.15 for work as it is!
  • It does help if you are  a morning personimage

  • I'm definately not a morning person but have had to adjust my running routine to early morning runs to fit around family and work.

    The only way to do it is get your gear ready the night before. I even go to the trouble of getting my glass out so it's ready to make a squash in first thing. Then it's a matter of sneaking out without waking anyone else up, especially the youngest in the house, once she's awake that's the end of any running plans at that time of the day!

    I do find I can be tired and heavy legged at that time of day though.

    The best bit about morning runs is the smug satisfaction knowing that you've done your run when every one else is just thinking about starting their day. That and planning your breakfast all the way round!

    It's hard some days, especially during the winter. Best advice? Don't think about it too much, in fact don't think just run!
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