Do any other 'larger' ladies have problems with Garmin HRM strap??

I'm just wondering if any larger busted ladies have problems using the Garmin HRM strap. I'm guessing my larger assets are moving the strap as they move (even though they are gagged by two sports bras) This is becoming more and more frustrating as I really like training for the marathon using a HR programme. I've changed from the original strap to the new softer one but still loses the readings into the run. Please any advice other than swapping running for glamour model...?!! image


  • I used polar but I suspect the problem is similar.

    The connectors I now wear on the left side of my body.  Watch still picks up the heart rate and the connectors are less likely to move.


  • Try wearing it an inch or so below your bra line...doesn't have to be right underneath it. That's what I do, and it's fine. As far as losing readings...are you making sure the sensors are nice and wet before you put the strap on, and then giving it a rinse after the run? Also, this time of year when I wear more layers, static sometimes interferes with the readings.

  • As a larger busted lady, I was getting on great guns using HRM - Garmin Forerunner 310XT and new soft strap. Then it started playing silly beggars and giving me very high readings. Sometimes lots of fiddling and moving the strap around, re-wetting the elctrodes would resolve this. On other runs it would eventually settle down - after more than 3 miles though! It became so unreliable I decided to investigate...

    1. Tried it on my husband. Started with normal HR readong then zoomed off into the stratosphere - and he was lying down at the time. Obvs no boob/bra issue causing that!!

    2. New battery (Garmin was about 18 months old) - no improvement

    3. Tried with old HRM from old Forerunner - old-style band with hard electrodes. Worked like a dream - and still does. Bought smaller band to get nice snug fit. It does rub sometimes and leaves a red weal on my ribcage but a small price to pay for trainning at the correct HR image

    Conclusion - it might not be your physique or your bra... it might be dodgy transmitter... but you did not say in your original post if you had ever had HRM working properly...

  • the soft strap is sometimes a bit flakey.  I've found that it works a lot more reliably if i put the strap on just below my boobs so it's actually held in place by the bra strap.  So the bottom strap of the bra pretty much goes accross the HRM Strap.

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