Cold medicines and race peformance

oh dear, seem to have timed a flu bug to peak perfectly at the Wokingham HM on Sunday.

any views on the best cold medicine stuff to take in build up to race, and just before, in order not to impede performance too much. wondering whether the paracetemol, codeine in this stuff is going to slow me down more than the bug itself.


  • If it's really flu or any cold is bad enough that your breathing is affected you shouldn't race.  There will be other half marathons where you won't risk giving yourself a chest infection or (I accept this is rare, but is a risk) damaging your heart.

  • If you're ill - then don't race. You'll only make it worse.

    Theres a rule of thumb that says - above the neck is fine - but below - just dont do it.
  • Flu can cause Myocarditis, which can be fatal (although it's usually much less serious). Best not to take any chances.


  • Don't race. If you are ill enough to need cough or cold medicines in the week to ten days before a race, don't do it.

    Nasty coughs and colds can put a strain on your heart even without the impact of the various chemicals that are put into the "remedies". There are thousands of half marathons every year so it's not as if this is a one-off event. There's only one of you though.....
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