Medway runners team

Hi there i have a running club that meets twice a week in medway.

please join my facebook page for more information



  • Well done Hannah. Good to see a running club in Medway, so I hope it does well. (i used to run for Paddock wood, but lived nearer Maidstone & felt I was too slow to join GEC!). If I still lived in the area I would join. Sometimes travel back to see family in the region and do local races.

    Might join the fbook group if you dont mind as I'm looking to do a few half marathons in Kent later this year & in 2014, tying it in with visiting the old folks. image

  • Hi there, I like to run in Medway and other parts of Kent

    I have also recently launched a free forum for runners in Kent to discover new running partners, running routes, training tips and more. I found when searching online I couldn't find one place to go to find running information for Kent.

    I think it would be great to have a place people in Kent can go to find running partners, kent running routes and events in Kent. Also it would be great to find some Running leaders in every district in Kent to hold regular runs so more people can get involved. Also I believe this should all be free of charge. Running shouldnt cost money.

  • Hi all,

    Im a regular runner in Gillingham and am always looking for new people to run with. Let me know if anyone is up for a run in the evening image

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