• I've just been reading a book on 617 Squadron operating in Afghanistan, they have the squadron motto "After me the deluge" brilliant
  • Dresden for certain and 7.7 litres more

  • Hey Cougs. Somebody wanted questions on the Blitz. Don't blame me ;0)
  • Tom77 wrote (see)

    Wikipedia reckons:

    Hiroshima: 90,000–166,000

    Nagasaki: 60,000–80,000

    Tokyo fire bombing: 100,000

    Dresden: 25,000

    Dambusters: 1,650


    I was being a bit "duh" not thinking of the atomic bombs *facepalm*. 

  • I was with Tom 77, discovering that a Large tub was 0.7 litres, and a small tub was 0.55 litres. THEN, I got myself into a mig of a puddle.

    She has 7 large tubs left, so that's 7x 0.7= 4.9 litres.
    She has 2 small tubs left, so that's 2x 0.55= 1.1 litres
    4.9 plus 1.1 = 6 litres.

    And to double check ......

    (12x 0.7) plus (8x 0.55) = 8.4 + 4.4 = 12.8 litres total volume. Subtract what's already made 12.8 - 6.8 = 6 litres.

    Having now worked though the puzzle several times, I am once again embarrassed that I never learned my 7 times tables when I was in Primary School. I've got more chance of ordering a beer in Arabic.

  • Bir bira
  • ooohhh nearly! waahid bira
  • Here's a GSCE Finance test you can try.

    You'll want a calculator...

  • Interesting test Tom. Seems that ??4 is now greater than ??12.
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