New Puma Mobium shoes for "Adaptive Running"?

I just saw these videos online about Puma's new "Mobium" shoes and was intrigued. They wax lyrical on what they're calling "adaptology" or "adaptive running". This looks quite a bit different from all the other offerings on the market at the moment. What do you guys think of the tech behind these shoes? Worth investigating or not?



  • Am very curious myself too!


  • The only thing that worries me about these are the contact areas of the shoe - looks very bias toward heel strikers?!

  • Daniel, it's "biased" not "bias" and I think you are right; these are designed for heel-strikers by the look of those videos.  Remember, the vast majority of runners are heel-strikers, despite the current trend to move forwards to mid/fore-foot striking.

    They also look pretty minimal - I don't think there's going to be a support version!

  • Thanks for the english lesson DiscountRunner! image

    I guess you're right about the majority of runners are heel-strikers. I'm naturally a mid-foot striker, so it's a shame that this shoe isn't for me as I'm liking the technology! ....quickly reads back to check spelling! 

  • image I'm also curious about these shoes - the technology is a bit different from others.  Unfortunately, I need support shoes, so they're not for me either.  Thinking about it, I've never considered Puma for running shoes before.

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