The Transcontinental

...looks the epitome of adventure and a damn hard race...

Anyone fancy it? image


  • No. It's cycling.
  • how the hell can you call an event a race when there are no set routes, albeit with a few obligatory checkpoints?   it's more like cycle orienteering than a true race

  • Are the OMM Mountain Marathons not worthy of the term race? If it's a Line course, you're essentially left to your own nav and route selection. But I'd still call it a race?

  • well I guess you could call any event which is point to point a race but in my world a race is over a set route as that way everyone is on the same terms. 

  • Everyone can make the same choices at the start, though I guess it depends what the rules (not yet clear) state about what you can or can't do. It'd be hard for somebody racing with a tent to keep up with somebody happy to pay for hotels every night, for instance. Though that is the same as racing on a £300 bike vs a £3k bike...

    The MdS has a route, but contestants can choose where they run provided they move between checkpoints... is that a race? Hard to define. 

  • I just think it looks friggin' cool! image

  • TE - don't get me wrong, I think this event looks interesting but it's just that the ground rules look a bit bizarre.  no doubt somebody will try to do the whole thing as non-stop as possible (it's a race innit.. image) and find that half the obligatory checkpoints aren't open yet!

    looks like a Euro version of RAAM I guess

  • Looks like a race to me, there's a winner after allimage.

    Route selection is all part of the tactical element. Too advanced for me, but I'll keep an eye on it - I'm sure it'll attract plenty of adventurous souls. You in TE?

  • Only things stopping me are that I race IM Switzerland the week before and those dates are likely to be pretty critical at work. No saying I can't get them off, but that might be more than my life is worth...! I was only asking FB about cycle touring two days ago. This is the sort of adventure I am looking for...
  • FB - I agree, there is an awfully large potential for sleep deprived incident... Wondering how they insure it as an official race?!
  • Well I agree with LI (shock horror), these competitors get to sit the whole way! And I wonder how much they are going to charge for an unsupported event. I'm thinking of setting up a car race around the M25 on Friday evening. I can't support it but can provide coverage via CCTV at strategic places (might have to borrow from the Highways Agency). For an extra 200 quid I'll provide breakdown coverage via the AA. All I need drivers who want to take part is pay me ??250 at junction 1 then call me at every 6 junctions. Any takers?image
  • Want to run it then Slane?
  • There is already a Trans Europe foot race.
  • I definitely wouldn't get the time off work for that!!
  • TE - did you check out the website out??  we're looking at another Spiceroads trip at the year end.....image

  • Which one you looking at? I don't think there's many trips on there I owuldn't do! 

  • the Rajasthan one....image

    have done their Bangkok-Phuket (easy riding but was convenient as we had a need to be in Phuket for a wedding so used that to get there from Bangkok) and the Northern Thai MTB one.  the company is superb - well organised, good staff and support trips well.  run by a Scot who's been in Thailand a long time

  • I'm after something with challenging riding - lots of km, climbs, etc etc. That said, I'm aware that my mindset tends always to be pretty focussed on maximum distance and difficulty. Maybe by booking something that's tough but not abominable, I might be less blinkered and appreciate the tourism aspect too... image

  • we've done a few challenging travel ones - check out some of the ones on  we did their Colombia road trip at the end of 2011 - we were on the first organised bike trip in the country - that was bloody tough!!  long climbs, some pretty steep but balanced by long descents.  they've changed the itinerary now to make it a little easier but it will still be hard work.

    MTB'ing in Peru was tough due to altitude - some days over 4000m on the Altiplano.    

    Spiceroads tend to be more tourist than challenge although some of theirs are tough as well - check out the Kazakhstan MTB one.....image

    we've got to the stage where perhaps the trip is more important than the severity - seeing a country from a bike is a great way to travel

    PM me if you need any help - we're pretty seasoned bike travellers now....

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