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I'm looking to buy a tablet (non drugs image ) and I don't want to spend the money that an iPad costs...I was going to go and get a Kindle Fire (heard good reports) but someone else said to get a Nexus 7....anyone here have either and which would you recommend....image


  • I have an iPad....image

    definitely Nexus over Fire though.  or if you want to spend a bit more the Nexus 10

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    Very happy with the iPad, but if I was going to buy an Android equivalent it would be the Nexus rather than the Kindle.  The Kindle is designed for consumption of Amazon content (books, films, music etc) whilst running Android, whereas the Nexus range are much more of an Android device that can also be used to consume Amazon content (as well as other vendors).

    We have the iPad 2 and also iPad mini - the Mini is more portable and doesn't seem compromised by the smaller screen.  So I'd expect the same to apply for the Nexus 7 and 10; if you expect to only use it in and around the house then the 10 is a bit nicer, but if you will be taking it out and about then the 7 may be a better choice. 

  • I have the Nexus 7. I am really enjoying it. I can watch films, read books, surf the interweb and listen to music. The only thing I have found different with the iPad (my OH has one) is that although on the Nexus you can watch BBC iPlayer you need to be connected to the internet and not just download iPlayer programmes for later. I couldn't recommend the Nexus highly enough.

  • The iPad Mini is very nice, though I have the Nexus 7, which is also very nice.

  • used ipad

  • Bought the Nexus 7 couple of weeks ago for OH, after Tesco let him loose without hassle to play around with the different tablets. He's dead pleased with it, and I'm chuffed also as he likes to read a lot in bed, and can do so now without the bedside light on which used to keep me awake.

  • I love my ipad - but its heavy. I'd probably go mini ipad if I could buy again.
  • Ipad here.  Got it from the Apple refurb site so was cheaper.

  • I have iPad mrs p has galaxy, I find the google apps and google play etc really hard work after using apple stuff, it's so simple
  • I think I'm just going to bite the bullet and get an iPad mini...image

  • I have a samsung 10.1, and am very happy with it - But then I've not used the iPad

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  • The thing with Android - no iTunes.  You can also install apps remotely.  I just installed Skype on my Nexus 7 which is currently three miles away, for example.

    The Play store doesn't really vary that much from iTunes.  I'm puzzled about why people struggle with it.

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