Spring Marathon

Hi, training been going well was up to 16 miles (LR) and almost 30miles per week on road and treadmill (I know treadmill not great) until my calf tightened up and had a cardiac arrest!

Cut a long story short I have been unable to run for three weeks but I have been doing the same amount (frequency and time) of cardio as running using a bike, x trainer and kettlebells. I actually feel fitter than ever.

Anyway, I can start running again but have been banned from treadmills and I will be running 4 times a week again (2 x road, 2 x trail or grass). My marathon is May 9th and it is unlikely that I will be able to get up to 22 miles. My pan is to whilst I'm building up to supplement my training with an hour on the X trainer after every long run. Will this be sufficient to help me complete a marathon hopefully my LR should be about 18 plus a X trainer session?


  • I think its usually your legs that go first on the marathon. Your cardio system sounds like it will be good- but its time on your feet that count.

    I'm sure you'll be able to get round with a long run of 18 miles - but I'd scale back your ambitions. If you're aiming to get a marathon time of twice your half time plus 20 mins - I'd say that's a bit unlikely.

    If you relax the goal a bit and take it steady from the off - you'll end up having a better run, and your time may be better for it.
  • Prob better off enjoying this one and ignore the time! Ill see what the month of march brings. Thanks again for the advice.
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