3 Peaks Fell Race (Yorkshire)

For those of you doing the 3 peaks fell race, you can look forward to getiing your quickest time ever!  The route has slightly changed and there is some improvement to the path = quicker time image

The changes can be seen on the map here.




  • Hi, doing 3 peaks this year 2013 and looking for some general advice. 1. What type of shoes wouldnpeople recommend, it seems as though therenis quite a vit of track and a little road so road shoes would be fine but then off road bits where trail would be better for descents ? I guess it may be about deciding on the day and accepting trail shoes on trail sections to have the benefit on descents or if very dry before the event maybe opt for road shoes and accept less grip on off road sections. Anyone got any words of wisdom ? 2. I have a full waterproof map, dompeople carry these or try to get a cut down version or can you buy specialised 3 peaks harveysnmapsnor anything like that. Need to carry a map but would like to reduce weight if I can. And 3. How much fluid and snacks do you carry ? Many thanks if you have any ideas or suggestions
  • Hi Skyracer.

    Given our very wet weather for the last 12 months we could have the drought to end all droughts between now and the end of April and the terrain would still not be dry by race day.  Trail shoes will be ideal, ie good balance between grip and comfort.

    You can buy 3 Peaks Harveys maps from Pete Bland.  Only costs a few £ and I would highly recommend as meets race kit requirements and takes up no room at all unlike a big waterproof map.

    Fluid and snacks obviously down to personal preference on intake, plus think you probably need some emergency food (some fell races insist on this.  You can have a bottle waiting for you at Ribblehead.  I've got round on one bottle, some gells and sweets I think but can't honestly remember in detail.

    If you go on to the Fellrunners association website there is a forum on there and a 3 Peaks thread and you'll get more specific (and useful) advise there.

    Have a great day.  I'm marshalling on Ingleborough. It's a fab event.


  • Mandy, many thanks for the advice. I have now just received the 1:50 race map for 4 pounds from Pete Bland so that's one item sorted, I will use Salomon trail shoes which I wear and have that balance of grip and comfort you suggest, so that is 2 items sorted. I am experimenting with drinks, gels and Kendal mint cake etc. to sort out my final question and I will check out FRA site too. I am looking forward to the race although I suspect I haven't got enough hill miles in my legs. What will the weather be like on the day ..........as you are marshalling, I expect you will have pre-ordered the weather...
  • I'm ordering a heatwave... image

    Joking apart when I've done the race we've had bizarrely warm weather when the week or two before I've reccied in snow!  I kind of think one day there has got to be a bad weather one, but lets hope it's not this year - think we've had our fair share of winter already.

    Good luck on the day. It's a great race. 

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