Alpine races

Anyone got any web suggestions for finding running and cycling events in the Alps.

Struggling to find any obvious event calendars etc...

Thank you ta


  • hello nutter!!

    give this a go for running -

    and this for bike events - (use the calendar tab above the Upcoming events line to change month list)

    snow still good??  we've given up on the idea of heliskiing in March - way too expensive - so going skiing in St Anton instead

  • Fanx! I know we discussed this the other week but i forgot where you said to look.

    Snow is amazing! dumping down and set to continue, not that i've been out much, bit of a fair weather seasonaire these days!.

    Have entered the 6000d 2 lakes race in La Plagne in July, so something to lookl forward to image

    St Anton, very nice too. Yeah Heliskiing..overated...apparently...!!


  • There'sa website (and book) called le Bipede which lists running races in France.  Lots and lots of races - thousands!

    You can search by department, date, distance, etc., but you do need to be able to understand some French, as there is no English version.

  • this is not a general one, but the series of races set around the mont blanc marathon are here.

  • splendid, thanks!

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