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Hi, so I'm here because I recived confirmation of my place in the Bupa GNR for September, I'm not a runner, probably couldn't run around the block, but too many people have their lives torn appart by cancer and I want to do my bit.  I'm going to raise as much money for Cancer Reserch as I can, don't worry I'm not asking anyone to sponsor me, I'm just hoping to pick up some helpfull tips and advice and log my training and progress building up to the big day.

I'm sure there's loads of people doing the same thing, if so maybe say hi and you never know we might bump into each other on the day.

Thanks for reading. 


  • Ive only just started running, as like you i want to do a race and get sponsorship.

    I downloaded an app called walk jog run, and chose a training plan from there. (there are lots to choose from)

    From someone who three weeks ago couldnt run to the end of the drive.. tonight i ran over 3k.. which is a bit of a miracle for me, im 46 and carry a few extra lbs!!! imageimage  good luck with what you are doing,, image

  • Hi, thanks for the reply, and well done on your progress so far, i'll check out that app. 

  • hhhmmm lots of views but no comments,  was it something I said......

  • Hi scotty. I'm a fairly new runner, but I would recommend starting with a couch to 5k programme. There are apps you can use which tell you when to walk/run. Basically, it will start with something like walk 1 minute, run 1 minute. Progressing up over 6-10 weeks (depending which one you use) to be running for 30 minutes. Once you can do that, you can pretty much run 5k(even if it takes a bit more than 30 minutes) and then you can start adding distance on.

    Is gnr 10k or 1/2 marathon?

    Also, book some other races along the way. Work out a schedule and book a 5k for when you reckon you'll be able to do it. Having that smaller goal sooner will keep you going rather than having a distant but huge goal to aim at. If gnr is a 1/2 marathon, then also book a 10k sometime sooner. If it's a 10k then book a second 5k or a 5 mile.

    I'm no expert, but that's what I'd do.
  • Hi scotty

    Well done for getting a place and hope you will raise lots of l money for charity.

    You have plenty of time to get fit for September. Start slowly and don't overdo it. Start with a 5k training plan and then follow a half marathon plan. I did the bupa beginners half marathon plan for my first HM which was over 12 weeks and it got me safely through the HM. I would also start the plan a bit earlier than 12 weeks before to allow for injury etc.
  • hiShona and Jindalee, thanks for the advice, gnr is a half marathon, apparently its the biggest in the country so ill be in good company, a couple of the lads I work with are doing it too so there's some feirce rivalry starting, all friendly though.

    My training starts early monday morning, I was goung to start on a tredmill down the gym but have decided against that and am heading out doors, I want to get used to running out doors asap.

    I've checked out the c25k and that seems as good a place to start as any also have an app for my phone to monitor things.

    Driving to work this morning I noticed so many people out running and it really motivated me, made me think what a better way to be spending a couple of hours first thing in the morning than sleeping in or worse still nursing a hang over.

    I'll keep updating things here to log my progress.


  • Hi scotty

    Sound like you are ready to go image

    Going for a run 1st in the morning is a great way to start the day. Just remember to take it slowly, even if you feel great, to avoid injury.

    Good luck and keep us updated.
  • So because of work etc i'll need to be up and out the door in the morning at 4.30am, whats the best thing to eat/drink before I go?

  • If it's a short-ish run I would just have a coffee and a bit of water and not eat anything before the run. If it's going to be a longer run I would have a banana as well. But you will need to see what works for you.
  • 4.30 am??? Are you mad? Don't worry, it appears plenty people on here are. The earliest I can ever get myself running is the days I'm not at work but do have to take the kids to school. Drop kids at school at 8.30 and then run. No way you could do an after work run? Somewhere on the way home so you don't get the chance to get home and sit down?
  • If you really have to go at that time, then probably eat nothing. If that isn't working, something pret minimal like a banana or some dried fruit and nuts. I think I would eat nothing but make sure I had something to eat immediately afterwards (banana and home made cereal bar / flapjack type thing probably).
  • Ha ha Shona, yes I think I maybe mad, so went out this morning, as I said earlier I havn't done any exercise in a very long time, lasted 45 mins of walking and running, thanks for the reply Jandalee, and it was always going to be a short run lol for now anyway. Had water and an energy drink before I went.  Wasn't too bad, but god do I have a Long way to go.  I could go after work but would have to go home first, I don't mind the early mornings i'm more of a morning person anyway. 

  • Why would you have to go home first?  I take running gear to work, get changed in the toilets and then run on the way home.  Well, I do when it's light enough!

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