leeds triathlon

Has anyone done the leeds triathlon in the past ? im hoping to enter but could do to find out how hard it is . This will be my longest distance so any help would be great


  • there are two, the leeds tri and the Leeds xspress tri both with the same company.

    The xspress tri is sprint. pool based nice bike 14miles, with a couple of long drags, very scenic 2 lap off road 5k.

    The Leeds tri in Roundhay park is very good, done it twice, with a sprint and olympic distance (olympic on both occasions) . Nice swim, bike is harder than people think with the lots of nasty little ups on the back section of the course which is common to both distances. That considered the olympic is the better bet, furthermore the run is 3 laps and 2 laps , the olympic wins out!

    The run has one big hill of 100m or so and the rest is very scenic around the park , good for spectators /dogs etc

  • sound just the job for me . thanks for that .
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