Trail shoes or road shoes- which is softer?

Ok, may sound like a dumb question. Basically, I want a pair of shoes to walk around in for every day use (walking the dogs, going to school, being on my feet at work etc) but at the moment I'm injured and can't run or do anything. I'm still undiagnosed but it's chronic shin pain and bone stress so I want to avoid as much stress as I can when walking around. I've got orthotics now but I still have a bad heel strike.

My old road shoes have long worn out so have been walking around in flat casual shoes for a while but they don't provide much support for my heel strike. Found my old trail shoes this week which are in excellent hardly-worn condition still (Asics Gel-Fuji ES). The trail shoes I have were recommended for their use in my local forest, not a full-on fell shoe but with cushioning for hard-pack and grip for the mud.

Just wondering whether these trail shoes will give me enough shock-absorbing to avoid hurting my legs for every-day walking around. Or am I better buying some ordinary trainers? Do I want lots of padding or a rigid and grippy shoe? Any thoughts? 

Thanks in advance!











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