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Hi fellow runners, I am after finding out if any of you have done 10k's and got some great medals for them. I competed in the Longleat 10k on Sunday and got a fantastic medal which takes my total medals up to 8 now. So far I've competed in: Victory 5 BUPA London 10,000 Ryde 10 Lymington 10k Sport Relief 6 Brighton Half Marathon Royal Marine Comando Challenge Longleat 10k I've also done the Nike Human Race but we didn't get a medal for that one. I am going to enter the Marwell 10k in May, anyone done that before?


  • Longleat is by far the best 10km medal I've received, I love it! image

  • Threads already been done before Sam

  • Lincoln 10k best by far
  • Agreed with andy dob.
  • Sheffield 10k a couple of years ago was a good one, it was part of the bupa great run series.
  • Dorney Dash usually do a good medal

  • I've just entered regents park 10k and sadly no medal on offer, just a memento - any idea what it is? Might have to do a Blue Peter version!

  • Sorry for guys reading this but the She Runs Windsor 10k by the Rock n Roll series medal was awesome!  Not sure they are doing it this year though.

    I've seen the Lincoln 10k medal and looks great - would travel up there (150 miles) just for that!  Only problem it always clashes with the spring marathons I have signed up too.

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    xine267 wrote (see)

    Longleat is by far the best 10km medal I've received, I love it! image

    +1 for Longleat...  I've done it a couple of times...  The medal has been different on each occasion but they were both great...  If I had any kind to technical ability I'd post some photos of them.

  • The nicest 10k medal I've had was for the Totnes 10k in Devon.  Otherwise the ones for the Dorney Dash and the Yateley 10k series are pretty decent and you can collect 3 of the Yateley ones.  This year they had a bottle opener in them.

  • The Totnes 10k is my favourite 10k as it's varied with terrain and road, and really well organised. And yes, like Hellywobs suggests, their medals are really nice.
  • Regarding best 10k medals, has to be Flamingoland 10k, great design, you would think it was a marathon medal. I have two young daughters, they take it in turns to get the medals, they stash them away, then I never see them again (I don't get precious about them), did Yorkshire Marathon last month, it got rifled out of the bag at finish, I have never actually seen it apart from a fleeting glance, had a look on Google images to see what it looked like.

    Apart from medal, Flamingoland 10k a good run, would reccomend it, through the zoo/park, worth doing, between Scarborough and York. Never knew about it until read a local paper article about late entry appeal, I had operation the following week and knew would be out of action so thought why not have a go before being laid up. Turned out to be one of the best run routes I've done, great fun.
  • The best 10k medal I got was the Hokka Gateshead 10K trail run. It doubles as a bottle opener too!! Are they saying something about runner...? :smiley:
  • Ive only done the great manchester 10k (about 6 yers ago) so that one!
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    Has anyone ever done Paul’s 10k on Easter Sunday in Hull? That’s the one I will be doing this year my first one. 

    Paul started organising and running this every year in 2013 I think he now does it to raise money for the brain injury charity he set up. He was hit on Easter Sunday in 2012 and got a brain injury and went through hell recovering. He turned to fitness to help him through and started this 10k run every year on Easter Sunday so it isn’t a bad day for him. This year will be the first time I’ve ran it or at least tried to and how ever I do it will be through Paul encouraging me and giving me personal training. So will be a big day for probably both of us.
  • That sounds a really great thing to do and support, fantastic to hear these things. Is there any info online regarding entry etc. Hull is only about 45mins away from me.
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