Lard assisted buoyancy

Hi folks, 

Im new here, new to Tri and new to working out again! I cant actually run yet due to an achilles problem. The physio tells me 2 weeks before Ill be let loose! Ive been doing a bit on the bike on my turbo and a trying to get 2-3 swims a week in. 

I'm currently 17.5 stone and 5'9. Im pretty broad shouldered, but Ive got a fair bit of wobbly stuff to shift. 

I current best swim time for 2k at a comfortable pace is 34.48. Which I think is k for a begginer?

My question is whether as my body fat decreases, my buoyancy will drop and my pace will drop? Not that the answer to that may convince me to stay on the pies. Im just wondering what I have in store for me!

Will I sink?!


  • welcome mat

    2k in 34mins is pretty good so you must have a reasonably good style

    mass seems to bear little relationship to flotation so it shouldn't make any difference to you - and as you get lighter you should get quicker as you have less mass to shift. keeping buoyant in the water surface (where you swim more efficiently) seems to be more related to swim style and core strength than weight.  

  • image what the fat one said image

  • Hi, 

    Thanks for that. Im not sure my style is that great. I think my advantage comes from drinkng half the pool and therfore not needing to swim through it!

    I had never done crawl until a couple of months ago and found the breathing really tough. Next up, tumble turns!

    I guess this is shoots down my last excuse for that evening dominos order though. 

  • if you're only swimming as a means of tri training don't worry about tumble turns - you aren't allowed to do those in tri pool swims (bar a few exceptions) and in open water, there are no walls!   I can do them - badly - so rarely bother....

  • Thanks for that. I had no idea they werent allowed in tri pool swims! That was the only reason I had been practicing them. Is there an alternative that you can use then?

  • yep ... standard touch the wall, turn round and push off image

  • Righty'o! I reckon I can get the hang of that!

  • the reason that tumble turns are usually not allowed in pool tris is to prevent collisions.  when you have a load of swimmers (usually set off at 15sec intervals) of different ability all in the pool at the same time, the chances of pool end collisions increase if people do tumble turns.  with a touch/turn method, you can see who's around you before setting off again - even a small glance can tell you what's going on, but when you tumble you dive under water so have no idea until you come up!  

    although the BTF rules don't expressly ban TTs, (although obstructing an athlete is a penalisable offence) most race organisers do ban for the reasons given.   some organisers will allow them for the faster more able swimmers or if there aren't so many competitors.  

  • Thanks Buddha. Much appreciated. It makes perfect sense. Im not sure they would make that much difference to someone of my limited ability anyway!

  • just enjoy the first tri - you'll soon be hooked....image

  • Thanks again. Really looking forward to my first. It was supposed to be a sprint in Bicester next month, but my lack of running will postpone that. I need to get another one sorted, or else my first will be a half IM in Mallorca in May. Which Im sure is not a  good idea! 

  • there's some on here done dafter things 

  • Mallorca will be my first tri that isn't IM distance! A 70.3 is basically a fun-run, right? image

  • Good to know IM not alone in my foolishness! It should be nice and sunny, which I think therfore classifies as just a nice relaxing holiday?

  • I have very little body fat and I reckon that's why I have next-to-no bouyancy.

  • Thats my worry. I wonder whether my okish times are due to the extra internal flotation stuff!

  • When I swim it takes a lot of energy.  I've had coaching and the results are the same: I have reasonably good technique, but I just don't float.  Here you go - with full lungs!

  • Blimey! Like a human brick!

  • hi Matwitt - youre the same weight and the same height as me when i started out nearly 2 years ago, It wont be the the loss of fat that makes you quicker or slower itll more likely to be the increased aerobic fitness that will enable you to swim longer and more effortlessly which should in turn make you faster or at least in better shape when you hit the bike. Oh and i wasnt broad shouldered and had to lose nearly a half a bloke to resemble anything like fit ish, plod away and itll all come good, just dont ask me for dietary or training adviceimage


  • Much appreciated Doner. My worry really is that Ill get slower as I get thinner as Ill have less intergrated flotation! 

  • well, i got faster, but saying that i couldnt swim 25m even so i have no idea.

  • The first thing I learned was that Swimming is hard, because unlike other stuff where you can slow down when youre tired, when you get tired, you drown. 

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