generally sulking

non running related  - its my day off, the 16 year old 1st born requires mother to purchase Fall out Boy tickets  that went on sale at 9 am, for london, 1 day event, they sold out in less than 3 mins - she text me her life is over image but thanked me for trying  (now she will pester for reading festival  tickets i know it image

i finally get my long awaited badly organised off duty rosta from a well known health care service ..... i have a 14.5 hour shift on my intended first 10k  event , fgs , my life!! there will be more 10k events (3rd weekend working too  - super sulks image) 2 saturdays working means no park running for 2 weeks  too 

and my hairdresser is on holiday  - selfishness at its worst, 

the only thing left i can do on my day off is my long slow run  ..... when i say long, its long for me anyway 



  • true david  - i should be more positive   - work is generally fun , i can run between my bizarre short noticed shifts , and the hair can wait - there will be more events 

    my 16 year old will not get over the tragedy of not securing concert tickets so easily  .... things of this nature affect her deeply  - ah to be young and dramatic again  - no thanks image

  • Sometimes life gets in the way of running. That's all there is too it.

  • So I fell over at parkrun on Saturday and did my knee in; this morning I stood on a sharp item that cut my foot open; and then I got a call from my wife saying the neighbours had found the year-old cat my nine-year-old son had picked out dead in the street, evidently run down by a car. Not looking forward to breaking the news to him; found the news pretty heart-breaking myself.

  • oh peter, what a horrid week, poor cat, and having to tell your boy, not a nice job image

  • Yeah. Funny how attached you get to pets. I hope it was quick.

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