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  • My comment is my opinion cybarev and I intend to say no more about it I ran many Liverpool races pre Alan rothwell and post and I know which I preferred I decided a number of years ago to do what Alan suggested and vote with my feet there are many other races to run so I have done however the temptation to run a local marathon was too great so I did the first one which unfortunately had the delay at the start no ones fault but I decided to try other races after that. I'm not clever enough to start debating with you all because I realise mr rothwell has many friends on the forum and he is hardly going to state his real reasons for organising races on here is he?
  • I think you get your opinion over very well Nurse G because you talk from the heart and express very well how you and countless other are feeling.
  • I suspect this decision is not going to be reversed, so the Chester Marathon will get a healthy boost this year I think.....No bad thing as this is a great, well run event as well. We all hope that the Liverpool Marathon will return in 2014, but can I put in a request early enough to try to keep the date far enough away from Chester so we can do both ? (I understand the restrictions of avoiding the footy, but never hurts to ask.....)

  • There was nothing homophobic in my imaginary portrait of Brighton NLR, just a good-natured reference to Brighton's large gay population, many of whom love to camp it up as you and I both well know.

    However, I will withdraw my suggestion of the Freddie Mercury prize and instead offer the Katie Price Biggest Tit in Brighton prize to the person who most likes to wind up others but suffers a complete sense-of-humour-failure when he (or she) is gently ribbed.

    And, believe it or not, I love Brighton, I really do.  I've have spent many happy nights there parked up in my lorry, eating at Food with Friends, enjoying a pint at the Hand-in-Hand Micro-Brewery and enjoying a hookah on the beach.

  • Stop the press. The Echo tonight is saying big Joe wants to kiss and make up (well sort of.....). 

  • I never take you too seriously Mr puff. I hope you do the same with me ;0). You are alright and I love our good natured but sometimes close-to-the-bone banter ;0)
  • Well in that case ...



  • Ball back in the court of BTR   Council want the event and are disappointed with attitude of BTR.

    In the fairness of a balanced forum I wait to see if BTR will respond 

  • Nurse Gladwys - it saddens me that you continue to doubt my honesty and integrity but never mind, you can't please all the people all the time.

    For the record (not related to this thread) the Women's 10K was losing £30,000 each year when managed by LCC. As a consequence they didn't really want to host it and we took over the management in 2006. In the first year three years it was noticable that there was decling interest in the event as women were preferring to run in Race For Life type events. Women racing over 10K had become less attractive and RFL tried to create their own 10K and it just didn't happen.

    Over the following 3 - 6 years the numbers continued to fall and the introduction of the 5K was to try and increase participation. It didn't work and as of last year the event was considerably under funded with just 700 or so entries.

    The running market is quite sophisticated and clearly there is no demand for women only races over 10K, there is no interest in business team events (old Corporate Cup) and there is no interest in football supporter based events (Big Heart 5K). That is why we have dropped them and are looking at other events that fill market requirements better. The Port Sunlight 10K is the first of several new events we hope to develop.

    Conversely, the Half Marathon has increased again this year (8,000), the Santa Dash was the biggest we have done in nine years (8,500 in total including the Mini Dash) and the Tunnel 10K has grown from less than 700 when we took it over to around 3,500.

    Where you like it or not there are commercial demands on every event which have to be addressed and as far as you suspicion about my motives goes, I can only say I'm comfortable with what I do and how I conduct my business affairs.

    Regarding my 'friends' on the forum they all tend to support my efforts because they have taken the time to talk to me in person and have a gained a greater understanding what actually is required to get events on the road. You haven't.

    My committment remains intact and your right - I'm no saint but have never claimed to be.

    I hope you continue to enjoy your running wherever it may be.

  • FYI - I have just sent LCC a further revision plan for the marathon which will retain the city centre profile and integrity of the race (as I believe it should be retained).

    Although I haven't been formally asked I have made a further suggestion which I hope will be given due consideration by LCC. Let's see what tomorrow brings.

    Hopefully this will allow the event to go ahead after all. Before anyone comments can I add the last proposal put to me was not negotiable and no further options were to be considered. Clearly the fallout from the cancellation has led to a more considered approach to negotiation?

  • I don't think I ever implied anything about your honesty or integrity Alan. I had the misfortune one year to phone your office because I had mistakenly entered a race twice. I spoke to a nice lady who said she would return one of my cheques. When it didn't materialise I rang again you answered and shouted down the phone at me and said that you'd ripped my cheque up. You don't get a second chance with me I read your replies on the forums to people who don't agree with you and it tells me all I need to know I have spent over 35 years in public service and I have to say I haven't liked everyone Imhave come across however I have never, spoken to them in the manner you do. that is my own personal experience of you and so yes I chose to do my running in other places fortunately I haven't been put off by our local running organisers because I can assure you thatbyounare not alone. My name is Gladys.
  • It's looking like the run went well, is growing in name and popularity, and organiser and Council would like it to continue,

    However Organiser wants a new route, Council wants a new route, but both want different routes.

    Compromise and fix it, not rocket science, you'll both look bigger than you look now.

  • By the way I don't think it's appropriate to throw insults about when something like this could disappear through petty decisions.

  • EKGO - I don't want a new route. I just want the one we have.


  • I rest my case.
  • So you dig your heels in and that's that, no way to negotiate successfuly, but a sure way to fail,

  • In my Opinion of course

  • If you want to take financial responsibility for a race that has no future then you are welcome to take it on. There was no negotiation. I was told to run the event out of town and finish on Wirral. I don't believe that is in the long term interests of the event.

    There was no alternative and there was no discussion.

    Nurse Gladwys - there is nothing wrong with the course as it stands and there is no need to change it. The changes proposed were not in the interest of the event and it is my responsibility to ensure the event has a future. 

  • no more womens 10k ? that is sad it was one of my favourite races i had run 18 in a row and was feeling fed up as i have a serious injury so no running for months and i was sad that this would be the first time in 18 years that i couldnt do it i remember when this race was packed and loved to do it the first time i ran took an hour and 20 mins and then i got down to 47 mins i felt it encouraged women of all ages and sizes to have a go at running what a shame its gone .

  • The demise of a women-only event is nothing to shed a tear over.

    The idea that it's OK to discriminate against 50% of the population is not right.

    It may actually be illegal thanks to the Equality Act 2010.  You cannot discriminate when providing goods and services on the grounds of gender (and other protected characteristics).



  • AlanRothwell wrote (see)

    Nick - for your information I have had several approaches about corporate buy-outs over the last year or so and I have turned them all down. I don't do this for money. I never have. I've opted not to consider selling out because I believe in the integrity of the events and do not want them turned into monster races which just create revenue.

    I take great personal responsibility for what I deliver for runners in this city and that clearly extends to protecting the integrity of the marathon. There is a point where compromise after compromise becomes unacceptable and detrimental to the event.


    Nick Windsor 4 wrote (see)
     Nobody really cares about the aesthetics of the route (Let's be honest) as long as we get a run

    I disagree I wanted to do this event this year, it would mean me driving for 6 hours and a two night stay. Ive never been to Liverpool and was interested in seeing the place. So as a tourist I care about the aesthetics. I don't wont to run around some boring industrial suburb I can do that at home.

    Alan I hope a compromise can be found.I salute you for standing up to the council.I know from personal experience that councils cannot see further than their nose.The real world, business and running doesnt compute in their eyes

  • If wanted a fast marathon i would do Berlin or Abo if Liverpool is not worth a visit I will decide for myself. If a the marathon doesnt run through any good bits what the point?

  • At the risk of being treated to one of Alan moderate and well reasoned responses... image

    Wasn't the Liverpool Marathon put out to tender, probably under the EU rules for tendering?  If so as someone who has managed contracts and tenders I'm sure I'd be checking the public disclosure elements before continuning a debate in a public forum.  If not for this tender, then for others... Google is used by many to check things out.

    And genuinely that's trying to be helpful - I don't do RunLiverpool/BTR events following experiences similar to Gladys (though via electronic comms rather than phone).


    ps As an observation the Three Graces are better viewed from the opposite bank - you see their glory and composition...


  • Anyway did anyboby do the southport 10k today. what a fantastic event and the goody bag medal and t shirt says it all.

  • Goody bag and a medal? No offence but you sound like a 5 year old...............LOL(as you people say)
  • The Equality Act doesn't apply to everything and you can have female-only races.  There's a guy who's spent about the last decade trying to do away with female-only Races for Life and hit a dead end when he tried to use the Equality Act.  

    Indeed in Glasgow there is a mens-only 10k and a highly successful ladies 10k (though Great Run are in charge of that one now).  There is also a very successful ladies 10k in Dublin so I don't accept that ladies-only races are unwanted, though I do accept that other races may be more commercially worthwhile (though blue Santas - really? And I say that as an Everton supporter!) 

    Someone is starting a very expensive ladies-only 10k in Windsor so it will be interesting to see how that goes.  And of course up until 2011 there was a large 5k for ladies in Hyde Park - not sure if that is returning this year.

    I can understand why the guys get annoyed with female-only races but it's actually quite nice to win a race - and a lady will never win a mixed race or very very rarely.  I often come within the top 5 ladies at my local parkrun, but will be 60th odd or lower overall.  So although it may seem discriminatory, it does have its value for women.

    Anyway, I hope for Liverpool that the marathon happens.  I don't do marathons and the half marathon clashes with my local half in Fleet, but I hope to run a race in Liverpool/Merseyside at some point.

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