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  • Well someone voted them in !
  • Dave - you should be on 'Have I got News for You' - every time someone makes a joke about the government - you can do your line ! image
  • Yeah, that could be fun Don't think you can blame this on Cameron tho
  • That's true.

    Can we blame Clegg then ?
  • Why not Clegg gets blamed for everything else
  • Dave The Ex- Spartan wrote (see)
    Well someone voted them in !

    31% of the electorate apparently. 27 of the 30 seats went to Labour, hardly surprising in Liverpool. A 'no can do ', anti-business, anti-enterprise attitude I'm afraid. A great pity as with its history and sites of interest Liverpool could become one of the iconic marathons of the world.

  • Alan at what stage do you say "ok thats enough" it would appear you are able to comprimise but the council are not???

  • No idea. The ball is in the court of LCC. I've submitted a workable solution to the problem we have been left with and await any kind of response. Nothing yet despite the spin suggestions on Friday in the media that LCC would like to find a solution.

    Doesn't seem to be any kind of urgency I'm afraid. Perhaps that's the game plan?

  • Looks like Joe Andersons 2 guys ( under a couple of different names ) are on the echo site defending the position and it does not look likely that it will change. If Joe Anderson himself wanted it to happen it would happen but without his direct intervention it is becoming to look like an unlikely I think. He did mention something about supporting grass root running in the article. I dont know what if anything that means but may be a different approach.

  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭

    Alan, following this thread with a bit of interest but too far away from Liverpool to know what's going on.  Have LCC come up with alternative routes so that the race can finish somewhere in town (Strand always struck me as as good a place as any to finish) or do they want to re-route it to Sefton Park or elsewhere?

    I'd love to say that I can't fathom the response of LCC but a lifetime's experience of that shower (regardless of which political party is in the Town Hall) tends to demonstrate that they can grasp a defeat from the jaws of victory regularly.

  • Almost a week later and no response from anyone from LCC about anything, this despite me submitting a Plan B last Sunday identifying how the Strand can be used without 'inconveniencing' access to the Liverpool ONE car park.

    Does suggest how little they want want this event. No attempt to reslove the 'problems' regarding the use of the Strand although I hav done it for them.

  • Alan, Did they ever go into specifics about exactly who was supposed to be so put out in the first place by the event ? To a mere human the idea of providing a crowd of thousands with money to spend on a Sunday would be thought of as quite good. Those travelling a distance will use hotels and restaurants the night before......Even on the day the spectators will eat, drink and park cars etc etc. You tell me how busy Merseyrail is on a normal Sunday morning compared to marathon day....It seems LCC want everyone to turn up, leave the money then p*** off to the Wirral early enough so nobody this side is inconvenienced. Grumble grumble but still hopeful image

  • Cidermonkey - a perfectly logical and correct observation... and no! No explanation as to WHY the waterfront roads could not be closed for the required marathon duration was given.

    Neither was there any contact or dialogue about this road use 'issue' over the three month period between the 2012 event and the LCC imposition of e revers route decision last Wednesday. We have not been consulted at any time. 

  • I for one don't want to finish on the Wirral (nothing personal to the leisure peninsular) Still plenty of time for them to see sense, but the worry is that if it drags out people will drift elsewhere.


  • Just a throway thought. If the city want the route reversed then it would still  use the roads but clear them earlier. What if the course was starting from Birkenhead as is but after Sefton park in Liverpool, it were to go into town along the water front as the half marathon does finishing at say Kings Dock with a tweak or 2 thus opening the city cenre roads earlier ?

  • Nice one ! Must have the tunnel exit plus drums.....Seems this is almost universally thought to be the DB's. I don't have a huge preference for a finish on the Strand, and Kings Dock would be a compromise worth having. The water front from the prom is still a big draw, and the finish would be running towards the Liver Building, Finishing within sight I think would tick the grandstand finish seekers....What you have to remember though in there's a bloke who sells ice cream by the end of Jericho Lane and the council might object.....

  • DH4 - all of this has been considered over the last two years. Keep in mind there is nothing wrong with the course we have in place.

    Use of the promenade in the context of a marathon is difficult from a safety perspective as there is restricted vehicle access for first aid. it would also be the last 5 miles of the marathon - notwithstanding the fact that it would be impossible to Jericho Lane for any length of time.

    Trust me, whatever you think will work we have already assessed - and it won't work for one reason or another.

  • I just find it amazing the short-sightedness to LCC and catering for its waterfront businesses.

    Take the event as a whole, inevitably it will inconvenience many, but it will benefit many more

    Can you imagine the London Marathon being cancelled because it affected trade in certain areas?

    Surely to god the sheer foot traffic of random spectators, never mind family and friends and participants, gives any city's finances a huge shot in the arm when an event of this magnitude takes place.

    Frankly ridiculous...

  • A confirmed £1.4 million economic benefit to the city identified in the first year. Clearly didn't go into the correct tills as it has largely been overlooked. Seems the suggestion of lost income due to the marathon is only of relevance depending on geographical location.

  • Alan, have you thought to re-submit your Plan B at a time when people are in the office to receive it? It's possible that it's not reached the right desk as it was a weekend?

  • It has been received. I requested confirmation of receipt on Monday.


  • So they can't even claim that then. Fingers crossed, Alan. I for one am still holding off on Chester in hope.
  • And STILL no contact from them... staggering... and yet they profess to want to 'work with BTR Liverpool to resolve the matter'. Unbelievable.

  • You have the opportunity and good reason to contact them, maybe you should do this. I dare say they will have more pressing issues with this being potentially 8 months away.
  • In their eyes it maybe 8 months away, but we as runners need to plan training,maybe around other events we want or need to participate in and book accommodation. That 8 months will soon disappear. Liverpool council need to communicate quickly or this marathon that brings over a million pounds into the economy of Liverpool will be lost. Chester are on a win win with this as it stands.

    Alan,  I really do admire your perseverance.

    PS I'm hanging back on Chester.

  • hang in there Alan, i think u have a lot of support and people can see the hard work that u put in

    perhaps u can get a little possey and storm the council buildingimage  demand some answers

    I still cant believe that there are complaints about loss of trade, were those retailers complaining not in Liverpool for the last 2 marathons!!! I still cant get over the fact that it took us ages to get food as the restaurants were rammed!!! It surely is never that busy on a sat night in October!!!

  • Judith, thats precisely the point I'm making, the council see it as a long time away, and they have things more pressing to deal with. To get this moving the onus is on the Organisers to progress this or it will not happen.

  • and Mrs 3medals are you coming doing Manchester?

  • LIVERPOOL MARATHON CANCELLATION CONFIRMED. Further to my latest proposal to Liverpool City Council which introduced an element of (simple) revision to the use of the waterfront roads AND allowed access to the Liverpool ONE car park I have been advised that LCC is unable to 'accept my offer'.

    No explanation, no dialogue or discussion. Just no.

    Despite the claims of Mayor Anderson last week that discussion would continue I can confrm that has been none.

    Consequently I will launch the 1st Wirral Half Marathon and 10K shortly (to be hosted on marathon day, Sunday 13th October) now that LCC have finally  declined (without explanation) the marathon the running community deserves.

    Sorry to one and all but I really couldn't have done any more and I shall prepare a full report about LCC involvement in this event going back to 2006. It will make for compelling reading after which you will wonder how we have any running events in the city. It's an absolute disgrace. 

  • That's disappointing, I guess there'll be plenty of support for an alternative local marathon so lets hope it is something that can happen, good luck
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