Liverpool Marathon 2013



  • EKGO - the Romans have neither a yellow duckmarine tour or any architecture quite so spectacular as the Liverpool 1 carpark. Either of which would have surely meant running was outlawed altogether in Rome.
  • Agreed - the carpark in around 2000 years will be the English version of the Coliseum, so I guess it needs protecting.

  • I can't get a reply from Joe Anderson either about misinformation put by his office.

  • I see thay are now talking of bringing this back as a May marathon in 2014 and are looking for someone to run it. 

  • Yep. It seems the event is still all about local authority command and control and a commercial return for LCC. It seems strange how we (BTR) have had no help over the last four years to deliver the event and now LCC are looking to support the event commercially.

    Moving goal posts... and political / commercial interests... one day I'll reveal all...

  • Whats going on? Just had a text from my parents who live on Wirral saying Liverpool Marathon has been resurrected?

  • It will be but NOT with us. Liverpool City Council are putting out expressions of interest for any company to consioder a new marathon event to take place in MAY 2014. Mission accomplished it seems.

  • Maybe one of the people who critised the organisation/price/route in the past will take up the challenge and see if they can organise it.
  • Who cares who organises it as long as you get to run.

    How many people run London because of of Virgin sponsoring it ?  


  • Slowfoot - thank you indeed for your continued support...

  • Thanks Alan


    Happy to support anyone who is willing to put on a marathon in Liverpool.


    I don't play politics I just run !  

  • The people of Liverpool are going to have to bankroll this now because LCC have magically found a spare ??50,000 for anybody BUT Alan to run this.

    Remember that, the next time you snap your Carr's wishbone on a pothole because they tell you there isn't any money to repair them or your kid can't get a book from the library because its been closed due to cuts.
  • Don't live locally but from my reading of the national press you're looking at a bunch of financial incompetents who think it's a good idea to buy houses for £70 000 and then sell them off for £1, to local people apparently, although we'll probably find later that's illegal under EU rules...don't those apparatchiks pervade every aspect of our lives these days?

  • Hope you get a Liverpool Marathon for 2014 know lots that would travel from Ireland for it will be emailing Liverpool council on this too.......

  • Haven't you heard Kevin?

    The Mayor of Liverpool is wading in like a knight in shining armour and "saving the day"...... image

    Which I will watch with interest because he's a fool.

  • Hasn't running in armour been done ?

  • It HAS!

    Alan should run in armour to avoid being stabbed in the back by Anderson image

  • So it's on in 2014 you know when LIVERBIRD great news ..... 

    Should make that Mayor run it put the pressure on him to do so ........

  • According to the Liverpool City Council Tender Document, a Liverpool Marathon "Festival of Running" will be staged over the Bank Holiday weekend of next May.

    LCC wish to introduce additional running events as part of the weekend.

    I seem to recall being formally questioned by LCC about why I had introduced a 10K element in 2012 (and almost a half marathon Wirral side) as they didn't think it appropriate and suggested it wasn't my position to do so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Interesting that the new marathon event encompases all that I suggested we would do in the medium to long term. 

  • start or end of May

  • Alan - Run another Marathon,

  • Runnin man - it's not that easy. I've opted for four new events outside Liverpool - Port Sunlight 10K, Tour of Merseyside and the first ever (?) Wirral Half Marathon and 10K.

    The 4th new event is awaiting permission for land use.

    Terry - it will be the end of May. Further information will be available from Liverpool City Council. 

  • Hope its the end of May to fit the Belfast Marathon in to...cheers Alan 

  • Thanks Alan

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