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  • Hmm, have a look here

    The classic shin splint pain is in the bottom part of the shins on the inside.

    May be best to see a physio to get a diagnosis and treatment.

    Good luck with the run.
  • Lucy, best I can suggest, is the classic rest 'em, elevate your legs, ice them for 10 mins twice a day and take ibuprofen if you can (if not rub gel into the area). If your worried about losing fitness, try the eliptical trainer at the gym - yes not the same, but will keep you going whilst it heals. Your new shoes haven't got a chance until the pain goes away. Ankle strengthening exercises will help as it sounds like your straining the area.

    Good luck, you got some time before the GNR yet, you'd be better off slightly unfitter and in one piece than with a damaged ankle by the time the run come's around.
  • Thanks for the advice. You're right, my ankles are appalling (I hate walking down slopes, my ankles 'turns over' sometimes too). I'll look up some strengthening exercises and check the FLM website.

    Cheers - it's great to have such a wealth of experience to hand!!

    Thanks again.
  • Well, I looked at the FLM website which was very useful indeed and since my shin pain stops after exercise and feels more of a 'burning' sensation it's more likely to be compartment syndrome. But I didn't like the solution of surgery though!!

    Will have a couple of days rest, take some ibruprofen and try some ankle exercises. I'm determined to do the GNR though and will crawl on my knees if necessary...
  • Hi guys  -  first posting so be kind!  I'm a novice runner training for my first half marathon at Freckleton on 21 June.  I'm following a published training schedule and managing (more or less) to stick to it and I've just done my first couple of ten milers, in under 2 hours so it seems to be going ok.  I think I might be developing shin splints though as the pain (fairly mild at the mo) seems to correlate to everything that's been described upthread.  I'll happily take any advice and treatment advised but what I want to know is......if I rest now and get back into training slowly, building up my miles again, is it likely that I'll be fit enough to do a decent time in June?

    I intend to do it even if (as someone said earlier on) I have to crawl around on my knees but a decent time would be nice!

  • I started running, jogging walking etc in Feb 09, i have had stints of shin splits, worse pain i thought i ever had i think.  I am doing the 5k Race for Life on 21st June, and since the Shin Splints, that race seems further and further away.

     The amount of pain i am having i got into taking ibrufen before training, even walking to and from work i would have the ibrufen gel, but i now have stomach problems, which have put me on a stop, why i am adding this here, if because the pain that Shin splints cause, ends up getting so bad, that its possible to get addicted to ibrufen, if you get to that stage, stop running, rest the injury.

     Because there is nothing worse than Shin Splints when you have Stomach problems from taking too many ibrufen treatments to stop the pain.

     I am resting my shins again, so training as more or less stopped, which i am gutted about, i have 5 weeks before i do the Race for Life, i shall do that race, but i guess i won't be coming first! image

  • I've had shin splints for about 3 years now, i've had endless physio visits, podiatrists new running shoes you name it. but nothing seems to help.

    I've set up a website its

    I'll be charting hopeful recovery, and how and if I ever manage to get rid of them. If anyone feels like contributing to the site please feel free just register and I'll set you up as a contributor

  • Although rest, ice, foam rollers, massage, anti-inflammatory meds, leg sleeves, and insoles can be helpful in reducing the pain and suffering caused by shin splints, all of these things treat only the symptoms, leaving the underlying cause unaddressed. This is why so many runners and athletes in various sports suffer from chronic shin splints for years.

    I ran track as an high school athlete and developed shin splints during my last two seasons largely as the result of some dangerous training techniques. As a college soccer (football) and basketball player I couldn't afford to be slowed down by shin splints and went in search of a solution to this problem.

    The main cause of shin splints is an imbalance in strength between the soleus/gastrocnemius group and the tibialis anterior. This causes the muscle fascia to literally be torn away from the bone. I found a very simple, yet unorthodox exercise that was completely effective at eliminating my shin splints and I went my entire college career without shin splints. To this day I continue to use this exercise and have never had shin splints again.

     I made a simple video a couple of years ago showing this exercise on how to prevent shin splints because it's kind of difficult to explain. Easier just to show you.

    Hope this helps you all out. Let me know how it goes.


    Prevent Shin Splints with One Exercise

  • What about when it's a pain on the outside of the shin? feels quite swollen after running but will gradually get worse if i keep running image

    Had it in my left shin/calf for a few months and now it's gone I've started running again and it's in my right side image

    I have no idea what it is?
  • I have had shin splints for well over 2 years now!! I have an appointment with the physio in January. But I'm training for a half marathon and need to keep going... I do quite badly underpronate to which I tried to correct my foot strike and ended up damaging the tendons in my ankle image... So having rested for two weeks now I feel ready to get back to training ... on the plus side the rest has help my shins also image... I am going to try minimalist / barefoot runnig. I was thinking about get a pair of NB minimus zero. Anyone tried or know much about these?


  • Luke... to my knowledge that too, can be classed as shin splints... it depends on how the foot pronates as to where the problem will flare in the shin..

  • I started running using one of the couch to 5k apps on my phone. Even after the first day run (only a total of 7 minutes) I had tired shins for the entire day after the run. I thought this was because I never ran before. I would get this feeling after every run. It wasn't until I moved to the 5k to 10k app that I started having bigger problems. I got a severe pain in my foot arch, it felt like a small bone was broke in my foot. It was even sore when sitting if I moved my toes back towards my shin.

    I went to a podiatrist, he told me they were shin splints, anterior tibialis. He said he could give me orthotics but that would never fix the problem, instead he did a Foot Mobilisation Technique, sort of physiotherapy for feet, this corrected the position of my foot so I won't over pronate.

    I am back running now and I don't have any pains in my arch or even the tired feeling in my shin. I recommend looking for a podiatrist that does this and not one trying to make a fortune on orthotics.
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