Looking for Edinburgh Marathon Place

Hi everyone, my husband is looking for a place in the Edinburgh Marathon if someone can't do it and is having to pull out he would take their place and pay any fee due for it.

He missed out the last 2yrs due to illness as he had a tumour in his lung and had to get the bottom third of his lung removed and was hoping to make his come back this year but missed the cut off.

If anyone can help, can you let me know.

thanks Michelle


  • Have you tried multiple posting to get your point across?
  • I've tried to post in a few of the different topics so hopefully everyone will c it.

  • You'll have to get to the back of the queue - the forum has been awash with people wanting an Edinburgh place because they didn't get their act together and enter in time.

  • If u read my post it's not that my husband didn't get his act together in time, due to the major surgery he had to wait to make sure he was going to be fit enough to do it and by that time the entries were closed
  • Wouldn't it have been prudent to have applied anyway, just in case? 

    If he couldn't run in the end, he could then have transferred the place to someone else.

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Good advice Wilkie. I always do that if I'm not sure I can make a race and it is likely to sell out quickly.

    Usually easier to transfer your entry than find a spare one.
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Or defer it till next year.

    There'll be loads available in a couple of months - try eBay.

    Or book another marathon. If he wasn't sure if he'd be fit enough to train when the entries closed then I'd suggest he's risking a lot trying to train for a marathon in such a short time. Autumn might be better?
  • He's fine now and has got the all clear. if he doesn't get in this year he'll just keep training and do a couple of half marathons and do the full one next year.

    It's alright in hindsight people saying he should have done this and that but I think unless you've ever been in his situation you don't really know how you would feel or what you would.
  • Jeez, everyone. The guys had major surgery, maybe he had other things on his mind.
  • Thanks Redjeep, some people are great at saying things, but unless you are in the position he was in, then you never would know what you would do. He was waiting on the all-clear and wants to do it to prove to himself he can still cut it, although in a very much slower time than he has completed it in previous years.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Michelle - do you live in Edinburgh? There's Loch Ness in the Autumn and two in the NE.
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    @Michelle - I don't think people are necessarily being negative. Keep an eye on the new discussion thread as there are places popping up every couple of days. Alternative try Fetch (www.fetcheveryone.com) as they might also have some applicants. As Minni says - closer to race day - there will be lots appearing as well.

    I think it's great what your husband is trying to do so soon after surgery and a major illness but i'd suggest always err on the side of caution, there are plenty of other marathons available for him and Edinburgh will still be there next year image

    I wish him the best of luck!
  • Thanks Emmy and Minni. Will keep an eye on things. He wanted to do Edinburgh as he has completed 2 Edinburgh marathons. He looked at Loch Ness, but it takes place  3 days after we come back from 2 weeks in Turkey.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Boing, there's one place that has just been advertised for Edinburgh on the new discussion thread. Get over quickly image
  • Hi Michelle! Emmy H kindly shared your post. Just today I made a hard decision not to run Edinburgh this year as I've overcommitted myself with studying and work and starting my own business. I've ran the race past 2 years and have loved it both times.

    As I've explained in my post, I'm not looking to make any money from selling my entry, I would just like to make back what I paid (which was £44 for early bird entry). There will be another £10 transfer fee that you'd have to pay to organisers when you accept the transfer.

    If your husband is happy to take my place drop me an email (clematolia@hotmail.com) or give me a call tomorrow 07716269914.


  • Merilin,

    My husband will gladly take your place in the marathon. I will get him to give you a call in the morning to sort out the details and arrange to get the entrance fee to you. Thanks again. I wiil get him to email you tonight.


  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    A happy ending. Let us know how he gets on Michelle. image
  • Will do Minni, he is happy that he is getting the chance to run now.

  • Minni, we stay in Glasgow, but he likes the Edinburgh Marathon. Ran twice before and ran 3:50:00 and 3:52:00. If he gets anywhere near 4:20:00 then i will be a great achievement.

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