Hi guys, 

I have just moved to Farnham common, near Gerrards cross and Slough, from central London to get a bit more greenery and 'country' air.

Im new to tri and Im wondering if anyone is local and/or knows of any training groups in the area?


  • Matt, quite a few of us are local

    Look up some of the bike clubs, there are loads of them around
    Amersham have one
    I am sure Burnham have one too
    Wycombe have one

    There are a few pockets of us a bit further north and some more towards Reading way, keep an eye on the threads round here for similar outings!!

  • Thanks Meldy image

  • Country and Slough don't normally go in the same sentenceimage 

    There's quite a few lakes not too far away from there that some of us go to when they open.  As meldy says keep your eyes open for threads.

  • Thanks Blue.

    Im more Gerrads cross than Slough. I have a garden and there is a wood nearby. So coming out of London, that counts and countryside for me!image



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