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  • re logisics - piratey people I know can camp in my back garden before the event - or crash on the living room floor - camping mat and sleeping bag only required.

    Just bring beer for the barbie the night before???

    - 2 miles from the event
  • Bingo   image

  • I've booked in the premier inn which is supposed to be near the Olympic park start point. Not silly money either. No idea about anything else yet
  • Ali

    as you are outlawing, then you can have an invite to the social image

    unless I meet you at the outlaw and you decide against it!
  • Dustboy wrote (see)

    Bring me home this time eh Podds?image

    Where does it start and finish then? (You can tell I took my entry seriously, eh?)

    image it would be my pleasure Dusty - and a relief!!

    Really hope the medics give you the ok to come out and play again

    Logistics wise I think I'd go and get my stuff on the friday and then on the sunday possibly get up at stupid o'clock, drive to somewhere like Bexleyheath with early trains and chuck the bike on the train.......having said that my geography of London is such that this might be completely impractical image

    Otherwise it'll be empty the pockets time again for accom in which case I'd pick up number etc on the saturday

    Hey ho as Meldy said plenty of time to worry about that later

  • I'm in but racing for a friends charity image
  • Sorry to confirm I'm not really racing, hoping to make it round and not walk the hills
  • Just sorting my shifts out hopefully ....

    Would much prefer to pick up number et.c on the Saturday as well, the rest I shall worry about on the Friday before  image

  • O.rangeCannon - 7 hr marathons are cool..... wrote (see)
    as you are outlawing, then you can have an invite to the social image

    unless I meet you at the outlaw and you decide against it!

    Yay, although you wouldn't be the first to change your mind once you've met me. If we meet on the marathon can I plead exhaustion as an excuse?

  •  #Gently pops into thread hoping not to receive a backlash#

    Hi, I am one of those peeps that people serious about a sport seem to dislike.  I run marathons, I completed The Pilgrims Ultra a couple of weeks ago, but now I have committed a terrible sin.  I entered the ballot for ridelondon and got a place.  I only own a mountain bike, and that has not been out of the shed since Centreparcs awhile back.  

    I know I am going to be likened to one of those people that watch VLM and then think "that looks like a good idea".  In my defence I have none!  

    I have looked at road bikes, and the thought of clipping my feet onto the pedals fills me with a great deal of worry to be honest, as does finishing in under 9 hours.  I am, however, organised enough to book a hotel opposite the Olympic Park for the night before.  

    So, could I manage it, or will I die trying image.

  • Hi HTF

    No one in this forum is serious about this sport! Unless you include taking the p!ss and drinking. In which case it's beyond serious!

    With regard to finishing, you're going have a damn sight better chance on a road bike than a mountain bike. The clippy pedal thing is one of those things that feels wrong at first. then you get them, ride with them, topple over a couple of times at traffic lights, post on here so we can take the p!ss and give you the spurs you have earned, then after a while it feels natural and you clip and unclip naturally.

    With regard to fitness, you have an endurance engine, but you do need to get used to time in the saddle. It is a slightly different muscle set from running, your backside needs to get used to the saddle, and you need to get used to being hunched over for ages, grabbing water bottles whilst cycling etc.

    So get a road bike (borrow if necessary), try and get someone who knows (ie not the dork in Halfords) to fit it to you, and build up to 5-6 hour rides if you really think you'll take all the alloted time. And do some hills. There are a few en route.

    To be honest 12 mph is pretty pedestrian for a ride, even allowing for the odd hill, so once you have had some practice it should give you the confidence in your ability to complete it under the time limit.

    And you probably won't die.... image

  • Thank you Gladys!

    I posted here as opposed to some of the cycling forums because some of them are ranting!

    Liking that you consider 12 mph to be pedestrian.  

    I will go to Evans for the bike.   I rang, and they have a woman that works on the weekend, I thought that she may be friendly and not patronising.  I know enough not to go to Halfords!

    I live not too far from the actual course, so a few rides up box hill is a reality.

  • More than capable of less than 9 hours I would say

    If Gladys can do it in that time then anyone can  image

  • HTF - On the clipping into pedals thing, I would suggest that before you get onto a road bike with cleats, have a ride on your mountain bike and ride around, paying attention to which foot you tend to put down first when you come to a stop.

    It took me several sideways falls to realise that my natural inclination was to put my left foot down, even though I had unclipped my right foot. image



  • On my first road bike i had the pedals that were clipped in one side and flat the others........made it easier as if i was coming to a junction or a really steep hill I could unclip earlier and just ride on the normal flat side............helped me a lot with the confidence.....I know have those pedals on my hybrid so i can ride it in trainers if i want to......

    good luck

  • Ooo - which pedals were they Seren and are they compatible with Look Keo cleats?

    I took my clipless off my cyclocross when doing more XC type stuff but in the winter mainly commute on it so want clipless and can't be ar*ed to forever be changing the pedals!!

  • Thank you for all the wonderful advise image.

    Thinking this might be the one.  The man at Evans was lovely on the phone and said he will put me on the turbo so I can learn how to change gears safely before heading out!  He recommends starting off with normal pedals until I have mastered the bike.  He sounds like a man I can do business with.


    Edit - would help if I actually put the link on!


  • HTF, you will be welcome on one of the "beginners guide" rides when it warms up a bit, includes Boxhill. As slow as you need to go.

  • Thank you very muchly Dustboy image

  • HTF, I have one of those bikes, well older model, great for starting out, and yes you must join us on a beginners guide ride with Dustboy and others.

  • Another vote for Dusty's rides image image

    Takes a "whole day" out of my life to do them due to travelling but I try not to miss them as they're always fun (as well as useful and instructive image )

  • Really Podds?  Are you sure you tagged on the right group ?     image

  • I was convinced to enter this one with Tri club members.......I've got the congratulation magazine but as yet, no one else from the club has. Typical.
  • And to think I called Meldy a babe and this is how she repays meimage

  • You love it Dusty   image

  • When you said Meldy was a Babe were you thinking of the film?!
  • FUR COUGH!!!!


  • image

    Wassup Melds? Indigestion???? Nasty splutter you've got there image

    And I'll have you know I learnt a very valuable lesson (by accident!) on my first Surrey Hills beginner ride which has stayed in my head ever since........image

  • Wish I could remember what!

    So, is Lady Saffers riding with the plebs or the pros these days?image


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